‘90 Day Fiancé’: Ariela Makes Biniyam Walk Her Newborn Baby Home

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Ariela Danielle has just undergone a surprise cesarean section in Ethiopia without her mother, Janice, by her side. The whole thing was extremely traumatic for her, considering she wasn’t expecting it. After going in for a check-up at the doctor, they inform her that she’ll need to have a C-section that same day, considering her amniotic fluid is low and the baby is in breech.

Ariela Danielle has a surprise C-section

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Ariela and Biniyam on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ | TLC

Ariela isn’t ready for the reality of the situation, and she cries from the moment she sees the operating room. She’s put on the table, but she can’t stop crying, and the doctor tells her that with her crying, it’s “difficult” to give her spinal anesthesia.

“I’m not ready,” Ariela cries as she holds Biniyam Shibre’s hand. They end up having to give her general anesthesia instead, and it knocks her out. They deliver the child by C-section without Ariela being aware of it, as she is passed out. Luckily, everything goes well, and Ariela soon gets to meet and nurse her newborn son.

Ariela makes Biniyam walk her newborn baby home

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After two days in the hospital, Ariela finally gets to go home with her new family. But it’s a stressful time for her. “Being a new mom is stressful enough, but on top of that, I have to adapt to a new culture, and a new country,” Ariela tells the cameras. “Honestly, everything is overwhelming.”

Ariela asks Biniyam how they are getting home, and he says they are going in a car.

“We don’t have a car seat to take the baby home,” Ariela explains. However, Biniyam says that isn’t a “rule” in Ethiopia. “We don’t have rule for, about for car seat, like something,” Biniyam tells her.

“You know why they say to use a car seat, right?” Ariela questions. And Biniyam says it’s for “safety.” He agrees with her, but says, “You can hold him just, or you can walk five minutes?”

Ariela mentions that she’s going home in the car, and he can walk their child back home. Biniyam thinks Ariela is “overreacting” about the situation, but when the car comes, Ariela is true to her word. Their driver, Ari, picks them up, and Ariela thanks him for taking her home.

Biniyam asks if she’s “OK,” and she says, “Yeah, I just want to go home.” He gets in the back seat with their child, and Ariela says he can’t come with them in the car.

“You can’t come with us in the car,” she says again. Biniyam tries to plead his case, but Ariela isn’t having it. She says she wants him to “walk him,” and she mentions it’s “very close.”

Biniyam says he doesn’t “want to fight,” so he gets out of the car and walks the newborn child home. “It was decided I had to walk home with my child,” Biniyam tells producers. He uses an umbrella and covers the child with a blanket. “I think walking on foot is more dangerous with the baby,” he continues. “Firstly, I can trip and fall. Secondly, the weather is harsh. If we went with a car, I think it would have been more comfortable.”

Biniyam literally walks their son home, and the camera follows him as he makes his way to the apartment. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to have any issues, even though he’s carrying the child with a blanket over him while also holding an umbrella at the same time.

Eventually, they all make it home safe and sound. We’ll have to see how things play out from here.