’90 Day Fiancé’: Ariela’s Mother Asks Biniyam Some Hard Questions

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Ariela Danielle and Biniyam Shibre have become fan favorites. Ariela has returned to Ethiopia to start a life with Biniyam, and her mother Janice has accompanied her.

It’s been an uncomfortable start with the temporary apartment accommodations being less than ideal for Ariela and her mother. The real apartment isn’t even livable at the moment, and this week, they all go to see a local hospital with tensions running high.

Ariela’s mother is surprisingly happy with the hospital when they go for a tour of the facility. Everyone was so nervous things wouldn’t go well, but they did, and it’s a nice turn around from the rest of the trip so far.

Ariela, her mother, and Biniyam go out for coffee

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Ariela and Biniyam on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ | TLC

The trio sit down for coffee in the morning, and Janice finally has a chance to ask Biniyam some tough questions. They have a side of popcorn for a snack, and they get down to business. Janice asks Ariela if she’s made a decision about staying in Ethiopia to give birth, and Ariela says she is comfortable after seeing the hospital.

Janice tells the cameras that “in a way” she wishes the hospital visit had been a “disaster” because then she might have been able to convince her daughter to return to the United States. She also admits she hasn’t known Biniyam that long, and that can be distressing for any mother to leave her child in a foreign country with someone they don’t personally know well.

Ariela’s mother asks Biniyam some hard questions

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Janice explains that she has some questions for Biniyam. Janice asks about Biniyam’s ex-wife. He was previously married to an American woman who he has a child with. They were married for a few years, and Janice has some questions about why things ended.

Biniyam says he’s also confused about why his ex divorced him. He explains that she found messages from other women, and he says they were from old friends. Janice says she’s confused. Biniyam explains that he apologized, which prompts Janice to ask what he was sorry for.

Biniyam insists he didn’t do anything, and the woman left and then blocked him. It’s difficult for everyone to properly communicate, and Biniyam says it’s hard for him. Janice doesn’t just stop there. She says that Biniyam was married to an American, then he finds another American who he is having a baby with. “Is your plan to come to the United States?” Janice inquires. He says, “No.”

Janice wants to know what Biniyam’s plan is with Ariela and how they will afford to take care of their family. He says he has a job, plus he dances and plans to start singing. But they have a baby on the way, and it’s making Ariela concerned as well, since she gave up her life in America to be with him in Ethiopia.

It’s clear that Ariela and Biniyam have a lot to work out before the baby arrives. Hopefully, Janice can get all the answers she needs to let her daughter stay in Ethiopia.