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In a sneak preview for the upcoming 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 episode, Ariela Weinberg tells her soon-to-be-husband, Biniyam ‘Bini’ Shibre, and her ex-husband, Leandro Fosque, that she’s not feeling well. Of course, Biniyam isn’t comfortable with how close Leandro is to Ariela. So things get even more awkward when Leandro asks about Ariela’s last period.

Ariela Weinberg standing in her house on , '90 Day Fiancé' on TLC.
Ariela Weinberg, ’90 Day Fiancé’ | TLC

Ariela isn’t feeling well enough to go wedding dress shopping with Leandro

In the sneak peek for the upcoming July 3 episode of 90 Day Fiancé (via People), Ariela is preparing for her wedding and is planning on taking her ex-husband of 10 years dress shopping with her. In the clip, Leandro asks Ariela, “What’s going on? Are you ready for dress shopping?”

Of course, 90 Day Fiancé fans know how Biniyam feels about Arirela’s close friendship with Leandro. Biniyam says, “I’m not happy that he’s spending time with Ari because I don’t trust him. But, I can’t do nothing [sic].

Ariela answers Leandro, “Honestly, I’m not really feeling well. I don’t wanna go.” Leandro, who doesn’t live in Princeton, New Jersey, told her that he would be leaving back home that night. He asked her, “Are you sure you don’t want to go today, dress shopping?” Ariela says, “I’m just really not feeling up to it.”

Leandro suggests that Ariela might be pregnant

Ariela says she’s “feeling weird” and not like herself, adding that she may be a “little nauseous” too. Ariela’s ex-husband then asks the obvious and awkward question: “I’m gonna ask maybe a too intrusive question — but when was the last time you had your period? [sic]

An embarrassed Ariela covers her face, saying, “Oh my god.” Leandro then asks another personal question, “Have you guys been trying to have another baby?”

Biniyam immediately gets uncomfortable with how many personal questions Leandro asks about their private life. Biniyam tells Leandro he doesn’t feel comfortable answering him. To the camera, Biniyam said, “Leandro, he’s asking me like weird questions. He wanna be like a doctor, but it’s not his business for asking me this question [sic].

Ariela isn’t ready for another baby

As 90 Day Fiancé fans know, Ariela and Biniyam already had their first unplanned pregnancy, which resulted in her giving birth in Ethiopia to their son, Avi. However, Ariela is not ready to have another baby. She says in the clip, “I’m not ready to have another baby.”


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Biniyam suggests that they go and buy a pregnancy test to make sure. However, since Biniyam doesn’t have a driving license in America, Leandro offers to go to the store with Biniyam.

Ariela accepts her ex’s offer: “Alright then, my future husband and my ex-husband are gonna buy me the pregnancy test. I think I’m just gonna go back to bed because I lose at life.”

There are rumors suggesting that some 90 Day Fiancé cast members got pregnant in season 9. However, fans will have to turn in to find out if it’s Ariela or not.

New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 air Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC and to stream on discovery+.