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90 Day Fiancé couple Avery Warner and Ash Naeck recently hit a major snag in their relationship. The couple had an intense fight following Naeck’s first relationship coaching seminar. Things got so bad that Naeck almost drove off in his car, leaving Warner alone on the beach. Now, with things looking so bad between the two, fans are wondering where they stand today. However, they might be interested to learn that Naeck has actually visited Warner twice in Seattle since their season together. 

Ash Naeck holds disastrous first seminar

90 Day Fiancé star Ash Naeck held his first relationship coaching seminar during a recent episode of the show. Unfortunately for the reality star, it was not well-received by audience members. 

Naeck put forth several ideas that turned off the audience, including Avery Warner. Much of what Naeck said came from archaic ideas regarding men, women, and how they think and interact. 

Naeck explained, “Women don’t really understand the way men work, in their brains. If you think of the brain of a man, there’s boxes in his brain. And each box represents something. Now your brain is interlinked so when you’re thinking you’re thinking of many things at a time. Everything is really crazy in your brain. And for a man, it’s completely different.”

Among other things, Naeck suggested that men have a “nothing box” in their brain that they love to stay in, but that women want to decorate. He also claimed that men are more logical than women.

The two have a ‘90 Day Fiancé’ blowout

Avery Warner explained that she felt confused and a little bothered by Ash Naeck’s seminar. She told producers, “It’s only been a few minutes into the seminar and I can feel the room getting tense. It was turning into a subject of like, men are this, and women are this. Which to me, sounds sexist. And I have never gotten that vibe from him previous to this seminar.”

Later, the two had a massive fight. Warner felt that Naeck needed to explain his viewpoints, and Naeck felt as though Warner was belittling him. Naeck asked Warner, “Do I take care of you? Do I make you feel safe? Do I actually make you feel like a woman? Do I make you happy?”

Warner replied, “Yes, but you have to recognize that I’m thinking about moving you all the way to America. But every time I start to try and ask you hard questions, this is how you respond. … Yeah, this whole time we’ve been super happy because all I’ve been doing is avoiding those hard questions. I’m asking you questions about who you are, how you act, what you think. I’m trying to get to know you and then you come at me the way that you’re responding.”

Ash Naeck has visited Avery Warner twice

Despite their fight, it seems as though the 90 Day Fiancé aren’t entirely finished with one another. While the nature of their relationship after the show remains unclear, Warner and Naeck have spent some time together since filming. 

According to Soap Dirt, “[Ash Naeck] allegedly has already been to America twice to visit Avery Warner. According to a source, both of his trips took place after filming Before the 90 Days. Though, it is not clear if he was in America filming for the network or not.”

This has left some fans confused, as part of Naeck’s stoyline involved him being unable to visit Warner in the U.S. as a result of bankruptcy.