’90 Day Fiancé’: Ashley Martson Calls Out Jay Smith With Ring Cam Dance Video

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith had one of the most notoriously tumultuous relationships in 90 Day Fiancé history. Ashley, a 34-year-old mom and entrepreneur from York, Pennsylvania, and Jay, a 22-year-old tattoo artist from Jamaica, weathered Jay’s infidelities, visits from ICE and the police, and several breakups over the course of their two-year marriage.

But in September 2020, Ashley took to Instagram to announce that she and Jay – with whom she’d most recently reunited several months earlier – were separating permanently.

It looks like the couple hasn’t wrapped up all their loose ends just yet, though. On October 15, Ashley shared a funny dance compilation – all made up of videos from the ring cam at her house – in order to call out Jay, who allegedly refused to give up his access to their security camera footage.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith
Ashley Martson and Jay Smith | John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity

Jay and Ashley separated for good in September

On September 20, 2020, Ashley shared an emotional post on social media about her decision to divorce Jay, once and for all. She filed for divorce twice amid multiple breakups, makeups, and cheating scandals.

“Jay and I have made the decision to separate for good,” Ashley wrote on Instagram. “I thought I was stronger and more forgiving but I’m not. Sometimes when trust is broken, it just cannot be repaired. I wish Jay the best and we are both on the same page with this.”

“I gave my all to this marriage and as I type this I’m heartbroken, this isn’t how I envisioned my future,” the 90 Day Fiancé star concluded sadly.

In later Instagram stories and updates, Ashley revealed that she and Jay were already not living together anymore – and that she didn’t even know where he lived at the moment. She told curious fans that she’d known it was truly over when she was distracted in class because of her lingering suspicions about Jay’s cheating ways.

Clarifying that neither of them had cheated recently, Ashley explained that she simply couldn’t get over the past betrayals. Eventually, they realized it would be healthier for both of them to move on.

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Ashley posted a wacky dance video to call out her ex

About a month after her separation from Jay, Ashley took to social media again, this time to call him out for allegedly refusing to take himself off their ring cam account. The mom of two claimed she’d asked Jay to remove his access to the account, but he hadn’t – so he could still see everything that went on at her house, or at least at her front door. (Jay didn’t respond to his estranged wife’s claims.)

The 90 Day Fiancé star explained on Instagram, “My ex installed our @ring when we got it and put it all under his email. I kindly have been asking him to change it to my email and to delete himself off of it. After multiple failed attempts, I assumed he wanted to watch what I was doing.”

But Ashley had a rather creative way of dealing with the frustration. If her ex wanted to see what she was doing in front of the door, she reasoned, she might as well make it fun for him.

“Well me being the person I am, I figured I might as well put on a show for him,” Ashley joked. “There is plenty more where this came from. I’m unsure if he appreciated my idiocy so I thought I would share with y’all. Obviously I can buy a new ring but let me live while I wait for it to come.”

Ashley added the hashtags “this is why I’m single,” “I think I broke something,” and “petty AF” to let fans know it was all in good fun.

The “show” she put on was a series of dance moves set to Buckcherry’s “Crazy B*tch.” The 34-year-old climbed out of her car’s sunroof, rolled across the hood, twerked, did cartwheels, and generally goofed on in the ring cam footage.

Later, in her stories, Ashley told fans she was replacing her ring cam. “Time to replace my ring. No more dances guys! Unless you want more,” she wrote.

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’90 Day Fiancé’ fans had mixed reactions to the footage

Of course, some 90 Day Fiancé fans thought Ashley’s story was suspicious.

A few Instagram users wanted to know how Ashley was still able to access the footage if Jay owned the account. She explained that she still had access to the footage through the app – she just couldn’t kick Jay off the account herself. Others insisted that Ashley could simply reset the security cam and it would be “good as new,” but she claimed she’d tried several times with no luck.

Several viewers also mused that Ashley might still be in love with Jay or want to get his attention.

“I would had [pulled] up with another man that’s a big flex,” one critic wrote. “This is just crying for attention.”

But Ashley pushed back against the criticism – and got a dig in at Jay and his history of cheating, to boot – by replying, “No that just makes me as big of a hoe as he is. I can have fun on my own. Call it attention call it what you want. It made me laugh.”

But plenty of other 90 Day Fiancé fans loved the video, saying it “made their day.”

“I wish I was your neighbor!” one supporter wrote. “I would join in the dance parties!”

Another fan joked, “Who can even be mad about this? Oh wait, I can think of a few thots upset knowing he is watching this.”

Meanwhile, several of Ashley’s followers praised her for seeing the lighthearted side of a difficult situation – and having some fun along the way.