’90 Day Fiancé’: Ashley Martson Spotted Getting Steamy With Christian Estrada in the Dominican Republic

90 Day Fiancé stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith broke up, again. The two managed to quietly get back together yet again this summer, and to nobody’s surprise, things rapidly went sour. Jay Smith has a history of cheating, and if Martson is to be believed, this time was no different. 

Despite the heartache, it seems Martson is still ready to party. In fact, Martson was spotted getting intimate with Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada during the 2019 Celebrity Vacation in the Dominican Republic. Estrada has previously said the couple isn’t an item, but now that Martson is finished with Smith, could there be renewed interest?

Martson says Smith cheated again 

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson had an incredibly rocky 90 Day Fiancé relationship. Only a day after getting married in Las Vegas, Martson discovered Smith had been chatting with other women on Tinder. 

Martson filed for divorce at the time, but took it back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Martson found out that Smith had been cheating on her again. This time, Smith had sex with a woman in the bathroom of his workplace. Martson filed for divorce once more. 

For reasons unknown to any 90 Day Fiancé fan, Martson decided to get back together with Jay Smith this summer. However, it seems as if history has repeated itself, or so Martson claims. 

“I’m a big believer in following your heart and it is true that I took Jay back once again. I know people will judge me and, while I can accept that, it was ultimately my decision,” Martson told In Touch Weekly.

Martson continued, “However, what my friend is saying turned out to be true and Jay confirmed it himself on the phone that he did indeed have another girl who is claiming he got her pregnant,” Martson continued.

“He said he doesn’t believe her but they are going to get a test done and regardless it’s clear he cheated on me. I am distraught yet again and am picking up the pieces and doing my best to move on. I know that I only have myself to blame for the situation I’m in again. It’s no one’s fault but my own. I can safely say I am, once and for all, done with Jay,” claimed Martson.

Christian Estrada claims the two were never dating 

However, before Martson and Smith got back together, there were rumors that Ashley Martson and Christian Estrada were seeing each other. In fact, the two went on a date together to Disney World in August. 

On August 2, the 90 Day Fiancé star shared a picture of Estrada to her Instagram story, with the caption, “blinded from the start” alongside a heart-eyes emoji. However, it seems fans got ahead of themselves when it comes to the celebrity relationship. 

During an episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Estrada said, “No, I know Natalie, I know Ashley’s PR. I’m good friends with her PR, but I mean the few times Ashley and I are hanging out it’s not just the two of us, it’s a few friends of ours. But I respect the girl, she’s an awesome girl, but it’s like I said you know, at this point I’m just focusing on my projects and my father’s company.” 

Ashley Martson gets steamy with Christian Estrada

Ashley Martson and Christian Estrada
Ashley Martson and Christian Estrada | Image Courtesy of Domenick Nati

That being said, it certainly seems as if Estrada and Martson had a fun time together in the Dominican Republic. The two were spotted at the Viva Wyndham V Heavens Resort in Puerto Plata, getting a little wild. 

In fact, Domenick Nati spotted Martson grinding between both Christian Estrada and Kamil Nicalek on the dance floor. Things escalated later, when Estrada walked up to Martson and smacked her butt. Martson started dancing on a pole in front of Estrada, who grabbed her head and imitated Martson performing oral sex. 

While it could be a matter of drunken party interactions, is there some sort of chemistry happening between the two reality stars?