’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Smith Answers If the Show Is Fake or Not

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Smith is famous for her controversial relationship with Jay Smith. The show’s fans remember that Jay repeatedly cheated on Ashley both before and after their wedding day (and he was even caught on a dating app on the day of the ceremony). Currently, they’re together and trying to make their relationship work.

90 Day Fiance
Ashley Martson and Jay Smith of ’90 Day Fiance’ | TLC

A ’90 Day Fiance’ fan asks Ashley if the show is fake and she responds

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Ashely’s been doing Q&As with her Instagram following. One fan asked: “Was 90 day fiancé setup for u or did u actually meet him and then decide to do the show.”

Ashley answered pretty frankly.

“We were together way before the show ever was involved. They became involved a week before Jays visa interview (His visa interview took 10 months from start to finish) A casting agent message me on Facebook after I commented in an immigration chat room asking questions in regards to the intervierw process. I never heard of the show or applied. We spoke with them and filming Jay and my kids was a must. So we walked away,” she began.

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But the people at TLC obviously changed their minds about Ashley and Jay’s story.

“Literally days before I flew to Jamaica to his interview they called and said they were coming. So the rumor that I went over to Jamaica and just found a random dude to make me famous doesn’t apply here. Only the most authentic cast member gets on a show 3 months after finding his fame toy,” she concluded.

Why Ashley can’t give away too much about ’90 Day Fiance’ even though she may want to

While Ashley was pretty open about the casting process of the show, she told her following that she can’t say too much about the filming process because she signed a life-long confidentiality contract.

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“I wish everyday I could do a tell all on reality tv. I think most of the population with half a brain gets it but theres a large amount who definitely don’t. unfortunately, I am a dumba*s who signed a confidentiality contract for life and I got too much to lose. So I’m gonna go ahead and shut up now and drunk some water and mind my business. Carry on,” she said.

Ashley also said that she doesn’t plan on ever doing another 90 Day Fiance show again.

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