’90 Day Fiancé’: Asuelu Pulaa Shares Cryptic Instagram Post Amid Marital Issues With Kalani Faagata

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata experienced many lows on the fifth and most recent season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? From lifestyle differences to financial disputes, there was no shortage of drama between them, ultimately leading to Asuelu being kicked out.

Although they later admitted that Asuelu had returned home and that they were working on their relationship, the 90 Day Fiancé star recently made a post on Instagram that caused some fans to believe otherwise.

Asuelu Pulaa
Asuelu Pulaa on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ | TLC/YouTube

A recap of the drama between Asuelu and Kalani

Tensions arose earlier in the season when the couple began fighting with Asuelu’s family over money. Asuelu’s family argued that as a Samoan man, he has a responsibility to regularly provide financial support to his parents. But Kalani countered that they have a family to their own to care for and therefore should not be obligated to make such substantial payments.

This sparked a back-and-forth that played out across several episodes, eventually taking a toll on Asuelu and Kalani’s marriage. Things only worsened when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic happened, as the two started clashing over how much Asuelu had been going out.

Fearing that he was putting their family in danger, Kalani kicked him out of their home. In one of the recent episodes, he was seen heading to his mom’s house in Washington with a one-way plane ticket.

“I don’t know when he’s coming back because this is not working. It’s not working anymore,” Kalani said in a confessional.

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Asuelu and Kalani later reunited

Asuelu and Kalani admitted on the first part of the tell-all special that aired on Sept. 27 that they were living together again. Asuelu said he decided to come home because he missed his wife and kids. However, Kalani made a point to note that there were still lingering problems between them.

“Today, we are together and we’re living together, but we aren’t anywhere near where we used to be when we were first together,” she said. “We’re just in a really rocky place right now.”

Their remarks made it seem like they were at least trying to make it work. But around the time the program aired, Asuelu shared a cryptic post on Instagram.

He posted a photo showing him playing with their kids along with the caption, “Having fun with these boys before daddy leave… 😢.” The message prompted speculation that issues between them had deepened and that Asuelu was once again out of the house.

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Having fun with these boys before daddy leave….

A post shared by Asuelu (@asuelupulaa) on

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“Don’t leave Asuelo!!! Your family needs you!!” one social media user commented, while another person left a message that said in part, “Don’t give up. You two can works things out.”

So far, it doesn’t look like Asuelu has addressed the speculation. But we hope everything is good with those two.