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Avery Mills and Omar Albakkour first appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. They encountered a lot of issues during their time on the show, including Mills’ family trying to dissuade her from being with Albakkour and moving to Syria. When their season ended, Albakkour still did not have a visa to move to America with Mills and there didn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, Mills is updating fans on where they stand.

Avery Mills | Instagram

Where do Avery and Omar stand now?

After Mills and Albakkour got married, Mills had to go back to America. The pair still have not found a way to get Albakkour over to America. On the What Now? web series, the two explained how difficult the visa process is for someone from Syria. While it does help that Albakkour is married to an American citizen, the chances of him being able to live in the US are slim to none. If Albakkour can’t come to America, the two plan to try to live together in a different country.

Yesterday, Mills gave fans an update on her marriage on her Instagram story. She and Albakkour are currently living separately.

“To clarify, Omar and I are happily married, but I stay in America the majority of the time [because] I sponsor Omar’s visa so I have to keep my big girl job in America, and I’m in college.”

The two are still hopeful that they will one day be able to be together.

Discrimination in America

Mills converted to Islam and now wears all of the religious clothing required. Since converting, she has expressed that she has experienced discrimination.

In Jan, she recounted a story where she was mistreated in Walmart.

“This happened to me at Walmart today, thankfully though those 2 people can’t do it to other people there,” she tweeted along with a note of what happened. “They are right America isn’t what it used to be. You can’t blatantly be prejudice at work anymore. It’s funny now bc they will be living off of welfare with MY tax dollars.”

“I went to Walmart today and two workers were right beside me, they began talking about how America isn’t how it used to be and how Trump needs to take out the trash and looked at me,” she recounted.

“I stayed out of it and just continued shopping and they assumed I didn’t speak English and so they pointed at me and say ‘do you think she can afford any of that’ and the other one said ‘maybe with her welfare check from our taxes,’” she continued.

“I called them out for it and they tried to kiss my butt and they no longer have jobs. Trump didn’t need to take out the trash bc I did.”

Fans jumped to Mills’ defense.

“It’s a shame how they feel they have to degrade others to feel superior,” one person tweeted. “We are a nation of immigrants. We should help each other succeed in this great experiment called the United States. That’s the patriotic thing to do.”

“Avery, you continue to impress me with your strength of character and I love that you stand up for what you believe in,” another person commented. “That’s integrity and the world needs more people like you.