’90 Day Fiancé’: Avery Warner Confirms She Supports Donald Trump, Fans React

90 Day Fiancé stars have been receiving plenty of backlash from fans lately for their harmful personal views and comments. A prime example would be Babygirl Lisa Hamme, who has been called out and effectively “canceled” for her use of the n-word. Now, Avery Warner might be next on the chopping block. Though the marijuana cook pushed back on Ash Naeck’s seminar for promoting sexist ideas, she recently confirmed that she supports Donald Trump and his presidency. 

Avery Warner called out Ash Naeck

During her season of 90 Day Fiancé, Avery Warner traveled to Australia to spend time with Ash Naeck. The two weren’t able to make things work, unfortunately, though they seem to have remained friends. 

One moment that seemed to make both Warner and fans uncomfortable was Ash Naeck’s first relationship counseling seminar. During the seminar, Naeck claimed, “Women don’t really understand the way men work, in their brains. If you think of the brain of a man, there’s boxes in his brain. And each box represents something. Now your brain is interlinked so when you’re thinking you’re thinking of many things at a time. Everything is really crazy in your brain. And for a man, it’s completely different.”

When confronted by a female audience member about male versus female brains, Naeck later added, “The thing is you can balance them. But you will always be in the essence of the feminine. … The male is more towards — they’re very logical about their way of being.”

During the seminar, Warner told producers, “It’s only been a few minutes into the seminar and I can feel the room getting tense. It was turning into a subject of like, men are this, and women are this. Which to me, sounds sexist. And I have never gotten that vibe from him previous to this seminar.”

‘90 Day Fiancé’ star doesn’t believe in social distancing

Avery Warner dated Ash Naeck 90 Day Fiancé
Avery Warner of 90 Day Fiancé | averydopecook via Instagram

While Avery Warner may be willing to stick up for women, it seems she doesn’t share the same open-mindedness when it comes to science and health. 

The reality star made a post for Independence Day encouraging others to party as though there weren’t a coronavirus pandemic. She wrote, “Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone is celebrating like it isn’t quarantine and having the happiest times of their lives! We are FREE y’all, so let’s keep it that way.”

Later, Warner made a comment in which she revealed that she doesn’t believe in social distancing. Warner wrote, “I feel people should also research into how the ‘6ft rule’ was created for social distancing (zero science behind it) and what social distancing can do to childhood development and mental health in adults, it’s been scientifically researched how it affects the brain, and science has also shown that socially distancing can actually contribute to higher rates of cases for an extended period of time.”

Avery also endorsed a comment made by another Instagram user who believes that breathing in your own exhalations can be deadly, another popular unscientific claim meant to debunk the need for wearing masks.

Avery Warner confirms support for Trump, fans react


’90 Day Fiancé’: Woman Who Attended Ash Naeck’s Seminar Spills Tea

In another comment, the 90 Day Fiancé star revealed that she supports Donald Trump for president. One Instagram user asked, “Are you a Trump supporter?”

Avery simply replied, “Yup.”

One Instagram user replied, “I mean she flew all the way to AU for a ‘relationship coach’ con artist so of course she supports the [clown] here.”

“I’m kind of surprised you are a Trump supporter. I don’t see him being a supporter of legal pot,” pointed out another user.

One Redditor wrote, “For someone with such backwards thinking, I’m surprised she even got mad at Ash for his sexist seminar.”

One fan on Reddit added, “Wow, first one of these that’s actually surprising to me. In retrospect, she got a very forgiving edit on the show. I should know by now that the people on this show mostly have one thing in common: extremely poor judgment in every aspect of life.”