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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Jasmine Pineda is no stranger to drama. Her explosive arguments with Gino were peppered throughout the season. However, it looks like she has eyes on a new target during part two of the season 5 tell-all. In a recent teaser, Jasmine and Ben Rahtbun’s friend, Jessica, get into an argument during filming.

'Before the 90 Days' star Jasmine and Jessica in the middle of an argument during the reunion.
‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 5 star Jasmine and Ben Rathbun’s friend, Jessica | TLC

‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 5 tell-all host Shaun Robinson exposed more of Gino’s secret DMs

It didn’t take long for Gino’s latest indiscretions to become public. The tell-all host, Shaun Robinson, confronted the Michigan native about some juicy information regarding Gino’s Instagram messages. Shaun asked, “Gino, have you messaged anybody in this cast. Have you sent DMs or anything to anybody that you have met through this cast?”

At first, Gino denied the accusations by saying he spoke with other cast members, but Robinson pressed him about the issue. “So what about Benjamin [Rathbun]’s friend, Jessica?” 

Gino replied, “What about her?” 

Shaun continued, “Have you messaged her?” 

After an awkward silence, Gino denied messaging her at all. Jasmine chimed in, “Why is Shaun asking you these questions?”

Gino claimed he didn’t know why Robinson would ask such questions, but the screenshots provided by Jessica told a different story.

He messaged her, “Hi Jessica! I have to ask out of my curiosity but are you Sicilian?” Jessica replied, “Lol I’m not, but my husband is very Italian!”

Robinson asked Gino to reveal his side of the message thread, but the 51-year-old fumbled for excuses. At first, he claimed he deleted them, but when everyone insisted, he refused to show anyone his phone.

The Before the 90 Days star was shocked, and Jasmine responded by taking off her engagement ring. However, in part two of the Before the 90 Days tell-all, Jasmine targets Jessica with her anger.

Jessica calls Jasmine out on her jealousy

In a new teaser for the second half of the tell-all shows the two women getting into a heated exchange. Viewers can assume Gino and Jessica’s flirty messaging is what set Jasmine off.

In the clip, Jessica says, “You are so jealous. Stop talking.”

Before the 90 Days star Jasmine quickly fires back, “You are messing with the wrong b****! Don’t mess up with me!” Robinson quickly cuts Jessica and Jasmine off and tells everyone they need to take a break. Fellow Before the 90 Days Season 5 cast member Memphis looks uncomfortable throughout the entire situation.

Viewers have to wait until the conclusion of the tell-all airs to discover how far Jessica and Jasmine go in their conversation with one another. Throughout the season, Jasmine’s extreme jealousy has been an issue for Gino, and we don’t expect that to stop during the reunion.


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‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 5 tell-all conclusion airs Apr. 10, 2022

Fans only have one more episode left with the members of the Before the 90 Days Season 5 cast when the second part of the tell-all airs on Apr. 10, 2022. However, in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, it’s common for TLC to bring former cast members back to other shows. Tune in to TLC to watch all the drama unfold.