’90 Day Fiancé’: Big Ed and Daughter Accused of Racist Microaggressions

Big Ed Brown presented himself as a lovable, happy-go-lucky guy when he was introduced to fans on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 DaysHe told viewers that he was going to the Philippines to meet his girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega, for the first time.

Brown emphasized how he had been sending her gifts every week, and that he wanted to see if their relationship could go the distance. But fans quickly found out that Brown was not the sweet, caring boyfriend he seemed at first blush. Viewers had problems with his behavior from day one, and now it seems that his daughter’s attitude is equally problematic.

Big Ed Brown was downright rude to Rose Vega, even while they were together

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Fans on Twitter accused Brown of talking down to Vega during the Tell All, but his rudeness toward her actually started much earlier. First, Brown lied to Vega multiple times before meeting her in person. He told her he was as tall as she is, when really he’s only 4’11”.

Although it may seem insignificant, it was only the tip of the iceberg. Brown told Vega he wanted children, and she agreed to a relationship with him because she believed that one day they would start a family. 

Big Ed 90 Day Fiance
’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ star Big Ed | Instagram @thisisbiged

In reality, Brown didn’t want kids and didn’t reveal that to Vega until after they had been intimate. Obviously this was a deal-breaker for Vega, and she broke up with Brown, but not before calling him out for his behavior. She told him that the lies were disrespectful, and named the many times during their relationship that he had tried to embarrass her.

He told her to shave her legs, that she needed an STD test, and asked her to brush her teeth. Vega explained that she sometimes has bad breath due to a medical condition in her stomach. 

Big Ed and his daughter Tiffany displayed some alarming microaggressions recently

Brown’s daughter Tiffany didn’t appear on the show, with the exception of the Tell All episode. She objected to Brown dating Vega and had stopped talking to her father before Brown started filming.

During the Tell All, fans thought her behavior ranged from immature to racist. She complained that her father had given her up to be with Vega, but fans saw right through it. Tiffany is 29 years old. She’s an adult, and if she doesn’t agree with her father’s dating choices, she has the right to stop speaking to him. But it hardly counts as him giving her up. 

Just like her father, Tiffany talked down to Vega. At one point, she told Vega: “Don’t get a tone with me!” It’s not a good look for a grown woman to talk to another grown woman that way, especially when it was her father who seemed to be in the wrong for most of what went down on the show.

Fans recognized these comments as racially motivated microaggressions. They think that Brown and his daughter feel that they are entitled to treat Vega differently because she’s Asian. While they may not be overtly racist, their attitudes are telling. 

Big Ed Brown doesn’t seem to value his relationship with his daughter 

It’s possible that Brown and his daughter talk to everyone in their lives that way, regardless of race. It’s not clear that their treatment of Vega is racially motivated, although it could be. Either way, it seems silly for Tiffany to throw tantrums over his relationship with Vega, especially since brown has shown on more than one occasion that he doesn’t value his relationship with his daughter

The real kicker for most fans was during the Tell All. Brown said he would do anything to get back with Vega, even if it meant giving up his relationship with his daughter. Brown didn’t know it, but Tiffany was listening the whole time.