’90 Day Fiancé’: Big Ed Brown Spotted With Another Younger Woman, Is He Dating Again?

Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega became breakout stars of season 4 of  90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Their mismatched relationship both wowed and troubled fans. While they didn’t make it through the season together, the end of their relationship didn’t signify the end of their reality tv journeys. Both stars appeared on B90 Strikes Back and now, Brown may be well on his way to securing a tv spot with a new girlfriend.

Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega’s relationship

Brown went into his relationship with Vega under a number of false pretenses. Even though he lied about his height and his appearance, Vega decided to keep dating him.

“So, I wasn’t completely honest with Rose about [my height] and a couple of other things,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight once the show started airing. “It’s never a good idea to lie. You have to be honest and I’m learning that even if you have strong feelings for someone, it’s better to get it out in the open. If not, it’s gonna come back and bite you.”

But Brown’s lies before they met weren’t the worst part of his and Vega’s relationship. Throughout their time together, Brown insulted Vega’s home, asked her to get an STD test and shave her legs, and told her that her breath stunk. Still, Vega stuck by Brown’s side. It wasn’t until Brown revealed that he didn’t want children that Vega had had enough.

“I should have been more truthful,” Brown told Vega on the show. “I apologize. I should’ve said I don’t want more kids, but I wanted to get to know you. I wanted [you] to get to know me to make sure we are compatible.”

For Vega, Brown not wanting kids was the last straw.

“I know who [you are]. I think,” Vega said to him. “First [you] lied to me about [your] height. Right? Then, you want to give me an STD test right? And about mouthwash, why you tell me? You know I [am] sick, I have [an] ulcer.

“I’m disappointed because you always embarrassed me,” she continued. “I think [you] don’t love me. I’m done.”

Is Big Ed Brown going to appear on another season with a new woman?

Brown was spotted filming in California in September while on what appeared to be a date with a mystery woman. After a fan account snapped the image of Brown filming, he reposted the picture to his own Instagram story.

Now, Brown has been spotted at the airport with another woman. In the photo, the woman was holding roses as she and Brow spoke.

He also posted a Halloween photo with another mystery woman with the caption, “My new bride to be she wants 10 kids.”

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Brown has not announced whether or not he will be participating in another season of 90 Day Fiancé or whether he is seriously dating any of these women.

Vega has also been seen filming. In an Instagram story captured by Soap Dirt, she posted a picture of herself getting her hair and makeup done, surrounded by a camera crew.

“Preparing something special for you all,” she captioned the image.

So, even though the two are not together, we may see Vega and Brown back on our screens, with or without new partners.