’90 Day Fiancé’: Big Ed Brown’s Girlfriend Liz Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With ‘Baby Brother’ Post

 90 Day Fiancé fans are confused about what exactly is going on with Big Ed Brown. At the 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life Tell All, he and his girlfriend Liz revealed they had broken up. Now, sources have been reporting that the two are engaged. Recently, Liz posted a photo to Instagram that had fans wondering if she and Ed were expecting a baby.

Big Ed looking at smiling Liz on '90 Day: The Single Life' on discovery+
Big Ed and Liz on ’90 Day: The Single Life’ | discovery+

Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Big Ed’s fiancé Liz pregnant?

Fan speculation started when Liz posted a picture of her daughter, who she has from a previous relationship, seemingly making a blanket.

“Blanket for baby brother,” Liz shared on her Instagram Stories. “Our family is growing.”

After the post sent fans into a frenzy, Liz admitted that she was actually just getting a dog.

“We are welcoming 4 paws coming,” Liz told InTouch. “[My daughter] has been asking for a sibling and I told her we could get a dog instead.”

Liz and Ed’s rumored engagement

News of Ed and Liz’s engagement broke earlier this month. A fan posted on Reddit that they had seen the pair together in Santa Barbara and Liz was wearing a huge engagement ring. Later, another fan saw the couple and confirmed the engagement, according to ScreenRant.

Why did Liz and Big Ed breakup on ’90 Day Fiancé’?

Fans are a bit confused as to why Liz would want to get back together with Ed after the way she described their breakup.

“Ed loves to rush our relationship,” Liz said on The Single Life Tell All. “When we first became a couple, one week I was meeting his daughter, the next I was meeting his sister, his brother, I was thrown into multiple situations I was not prepared for. It took me months to introduce him to my grandparents — months for that to happen — to break up two weeks later. I just never would’ve taken those steps had I known this was going to be the outcome. Because I did not expect that this would be the outcome. I was expecting to be with each other. … I thought he was going to be the One.”

Ed also admitted that he rushed things.

“Our relationship didn’t have a chance,” he said. “So, everything she said is true. She told me I don’t want to move too fast and I want to keep my friends, and I just skipped right over that. I was so excited, for the first time in 29 years, that I had someone who was interested in me. And I was so afraid to like anyone, to like Liz, because I would get rejected, and the second she said she saw me as boyfriend material, I stopped listening.”

Almost immediately after the breakup, Ed went to Las Vegas and partied with other women.

“You blocked me and went to Vegas, and ranted about your sugar babies,” Liz said. “I didn’t expect to be dumped and then him be out in Vegas living the life.”

During the Tell All she vowed to never date Ed again. It seems she has gone back on that promise.

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