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90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days star Rosemarie Vega is determined to reveal what really happened between her and Ed “Big Ed” Brown. In season 4 of the hit reality series, fans watched as Big Ed constantly insulted Rose, who finally ditched him after he told her the truth about his plans. While fans are convinced that Big Ed is a super creep, he claims that the real reason for his questionable behavior is because he is just “not very bright.”

Big Ed 90 Day Fiance
’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ star Big Ed | Instagram @thisisbiged

Big Ed says he just ‘wanted to help’ Rose

Big Ed and Rose met via Facebook. Although he is almost double her age (he is 54 and she is 23), he immediately fell for her and flew to the Philippines to meet up. Their introduction was caught on camera for 90 Day Fiancé, though things did not go as planned.

Big Ed opened up about his experience on the reality series during an interview with Stephen Kramer Glickman on The Night Time Show Podcast. He revealed that he was so smitten by Rose that he left town before he even got permission from work.

When it comes to their age difference, he assured listeners that he “never thought of her as a young girl” and was just trying to help a “single mother.” Rose has an adorable son named Prince whom Ed showed little interest in.

“I never thought of her as this young girl,” he stated. “She just became this single mother that I wanted to help.”

Big Ed went on to say that he told Rose that he was old enough to be her father. In response, she reportedly told him “age is just a number” and that she did not mind that there was such a big age gap.

What about Big Ed’s questionable behavior on ’90 Day Fiancé’?

During his brief stint in front of the Before the 90 Days cameras, Big Ed’s behavior earned him a villain label with many fans. Problems started when he asked Rose about her previous sexual encounters and urged her to get a test for STIs.

He then gave Rose some lingerie as a gift and bought her some dental items. Ed apparently felt like Rose’s breath was so bad that it was something he needed to address on the show, a move that was very embarrassing for Rose.

To explain away this disturbing behavior, Big Ed assured 90 Day Fiancé fans that he is “not very bright’ and often finds it difficult to express himself. He wanted to make it clear that he does not consider himself a creep, despite how he looked on the show.

“And I’m not very bright and I don’t always say the right things,” Ed stated.

Considering how he acted on camera, fans probably aren’t buying Big Ed’s excuses. Needless to say, things did not work out between the two, and Rose recently shared her thoughts on what went down with Big Ed.

Rose slams Big Ed after parting on ’90 Day Fiancé’

While Big Ed has sought out multiple interviews, Rose did not say much following her episode of 90 Day Fiancé. She did, however, go on a huge rant about her experience, something that was caught on camera by a blogger named John Yates.

Rose blasted Ed for trying to embarrass her in front of so many people. She also told fans not to believe anything Ed says because he is completely “fake.”

“I want to say ‘Ed, how dare you?’ To make me embarrassed in front of [a] million people,” Rose stated. “Please people don’t believe him. It’s fake. He [doesn’t] really care [about] me.”

Rose quickly added that the only reason Ed agreed to meet her is that he wanted to become famous. She also said that he did not give her any money and the only gift he bought her was the lingerie.

She then emphasized that just about everything Big Ed told her before their meetup was a lie. Not only did he not care about pursuing a relationship with her she claims, but he also did not want to get to know her son.

New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days air Sunday nights on TLC.