‘90 Day Fiancé: Brittany and Yazan are Trashing Each Other in a Battle on Instagram and It’s Wild

Brittany Banks and Yazan’s happy moments on  90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way have been few and far between. From the moment that Banks landed in Jordan, she and Yazan have been feuding. Though Banks’ time in Jordan has just started on the show, fans are already predicting that things don’t end well for the couple. Now, the pair are throwing jabs at one another on Instagram.

Brittany and Yazan
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Brittany and Yazan | TLC

Brittany and Yazan’s problems

Anytime two people from different cultures come together, there is bound to be a clash of beliefs or traditions. In Banks and Yazan’s case, there has been nothing but issues. When Banks first arrived in Jordan, Yazan began screaming at her for hugging the camera crew and bringing alcohol with her.

After seeing Yazan act like that, Banks doubted if the relationship would work.

“Of course I respect his culture and his choices but at the same time I am not Muslim,” she told the cameras. “It reminded me of the way my ex behaves and so if he’s going to behave like my ex then I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Things got worse when Banks went to visit Yazan’s parents and they told her that she needed to change to fit their culture.

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“Cancel all of this, cancel all the life you’ve been living, and you would marry Yazan and we’ll take good care of you,” Yazan’s father yelled at Banks.

“We respected you, and where is our respect?” Yazan’s mother added. “Yazan, tell her that the woman, this is how it is here. When a woman wants to get married, this is going to be her family. She has to forget her other family.”

What’s going on between Brittany and Yazan on Instagram?

Apparently, things haven’t calmed down between Banks and Yazan because Yazan got on Instagram this morning and started posting some shady messages.

“Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a good girl and a bad girl?” he wrote. “Well, let me tell you about my thoughts. First of all, a good girl will loosen her shirt button when its hot but a bad girl will loosen her shirt button to make a situation hot. Secondly, a good girl wears underwear and a bad girl don’t use underwear. Thirdly, a good girl says no and a bad girl says when? Lastly, a good girl goes to a party and then goes home then goes to bed but a bad girl goes to a party then goes to bed then goes home. I know that different people have different points of view. That’s my personal point of view and a good girl will definitely agree with what I said. Spread positivity and love.”

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He also posted a picture with a quote stating that girls should not be proud if every man wants them because things that are cheap have a lot of buyers. The quote urged women to be rare stones that only pious men could afford.

Banks seemingly responded to Yazan’s words.

“A good man holds a job and provides for his woman,” she wrote in her Instagram stories. “A bad man sits at home with his hand out to everybody, trying to demand respect and control over a woman who WORKS for hers. If I let you control me we’d be homeless cus lord knows you will not work or pay one bill with all that mouth. Sit this one out boo.