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Brittany Banks’ relationship with Yazan on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way hasn’t been going so well. The two have fought constantly this season and it’s become clear that Banks just does not fit in with the way of life in Jordan. While she has been on the show, former Before the 90 Days castmember Usman Umar has made it clear that he is interested in her. But are the feelings mutual?

Brittany Banks’ relationship

Banks met Yazan when he was video-chatting with his sister and she walked into the room. Yazan quickly sent Banks money to visit him in Jordan and proposed to her while she was there.

Unfortunately, things between them became tense after Banks moved to Jordan. It quickly became clear that she was not ready to live in such a conservative area or convert to Islam.

Banks recently took to Instagram to explain why she moved to Jordan despite not wanting to conform to the country’s conservative traditions.

“I feel like [there are] so many context clues in the show that shows that,” Banks said in an Instagram comment. “A woman like me isn’t gonna up and move to a country like that unless the person I’m dating can accept me as I am and the environment permits.

“Do y’all miss the parts on TV where he tells me one thing and tells his parents another, then gives me a random ultimatum pressuring me because of the lies he told his parents?” she continued. “I’m tired of being attacked when he knew exactly who I was when he pursued me and still does. Jordan culture does not prohibit this. His particular family does not like it, but I don’t live to please them.”

Usman Umar has a crush on Brittany Banks

Umar appeared on Before the 90 Days with Babygirl Lisa Hamme. Hamme was constantly jealous during their season because Umar had so many female fans. Though things were rocky, they still ended up getting married. Shortly after the show was over, Hamme announced that Umar had scammed her.

“He used me,” Hamme said on Instagram Live. “He married me just to be on a TV show that people would recognize his name to sell his music.”

Since their split, Umar has been commenting on a number of Banks’ videos and pictures, calling her baby girl, just like he used to do Hamme.


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Does Brittany Banks like Usman Umar?

YouTuber YourWetSock recently decided to purchase a Cameo from Banks and ask her what she thought about Umar.

“So, I wouldn’t know what to think of him,” Banks said. “I haven’t heard his music, so I don’t know what to think of that. I guess he’s a handsome dude, he’s a good-looking guy and as far as I’m concerned I need more than looks to be into somebody but yea, I’m sure a lot of people consider him good looking and if he likes me, I don’t know anything about that,” she said.