’90 Day Fiancé’: Brittany Banks Reveals the Details of Her Relationship with an 85-Year-Old Man

Brittany Banks of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is no stranger to controversial relationships. In fact, she had been in quite a few before the cameras even started filming her relationship with Yazan. Before Yazan, Banks typically liked to date older men. She casually mentioned on the show that older, established men were drawn to her, but now she’s opening up about her relationship with her 85-year-old ex.

Brittany and Yazan
Brittany and Yazan | TLC

Brittany Banks is used to dating older men

Banks, who is a rapper from Florida, is used to living a flashy lifestyle. She commonly posts videos of herself on boats, doing expensive things, and even has a picture of her holding a stack of cash.

Along with this lifestyle came dating some older men.

“You would have to be 45 and older to even talk with me and my braces have worked in my favor,” she said on the show. “The older, settled gentlemen really like it.”

Brittany’s relationship with the 85-year-old man

Most people in their twenties don’t hang around in the same circles as people over 80, but Banks says that most of her friends are older.

“I was living in South Beach and you know my friends are older,” she told Entertainment Tonight of how she met the man. “I hang around…my girlfriends are older. They are in their 40s. So when I hang around my girlfriends and we do stuff together and there’s other people around and I meet different people but for some reason, me and this 85-year-old really got along.”

The two hit it off because of their shared interests.

“He liked to go to the gym,” she said. “I love to workout. He liked to go to the gym and he liked to go for long bike rides. I went for bike rides every morning. So, we just did stuff together all the time that we both enjoy doing and we just ended up dating. At one point I just stopped seeing his age and I was just looking at his soul and it was amazing. And I was just like ‘well you’re great.'”

Though the two didn’t end up together, Banks thinks she grew a lot from their time together.

“I learned so much, so so much from him,” she told the outlet. “I learned about business. I learned about loving myself more. I learned about being a classier woman and having men respect me more, how to have more respect and he just gave me more insight to a lot of things. He was so much of a mentor kind of to me as well. He just really really wanted to see me succeed and win.

“He would tell me different juice recipes every morning and drop off juices for me in the morning. Little stuff like that catches my attention. Someone who really cares about my wellbeing.”

Banks enjoyed her time dating this man, but ultimately called things off to keep the peace in her family.


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“I think it was just the age difference was too much for a lot of people involved,” she said of why they split. “So it was just like OK we can just remain friends so that’s what it was cause I didn’t want to step on so many people’s toes, especially in my family, and I didn’t want this vision out there of people and I was like there is no harm lost in being friends.”

Banks and the man in question are still in each other’s lives on a friendship basis.