’90 Day Fiance’: Caesar Gets Dumped By His Alleged Girlfriend — ‘You Live Your Life And I Will Live Mine’

90 Day Fiancé star Caesar Mack just got crushed. The reality star claims to have fallen in love with a Ukrainian beauty, Maria, that he met online. However, after five years, he’s never seen her in person. Now, after one last gambit to meet up with his alleged love, Caesar Mack has been left utterly heartbroken. 

Many fans have been wondering if Maria ever intended to meet Mack in the first place. Fans, friends, and coworkers have been concerned for Mack, worried that he’s being catfished given how much money he sends to Maria. Meanwhile, certain fans believe that Mack might just be doing the show to establish entertainment credentials.

Mack lost money on Maria 

Caesar Mack met Maria via an online dating service called Anastasia Date. The 90 Day Fiancé star seems to have no issues with spending big on his would-be lover. He explained that the service allows men to send gifts to women using real money. Mack admitted to spending $450 on flowers and a card for Maria. 

It gets worse than that, however. Mack also admitted to sending Maria $800 a month. To date, Mack estimates he’s sent her roughly $40,000. During Mack’s debut episode, it’s clear that his choice to send money to Maria is having an impact on his lifestyle — his apartment looked rather bare. 

Mack has also spent money buying plane tickets for Maria, which often ends up being a loss when she cancels them. Mack’s friends and coworkers have expressed concern that Mack is being catfished for money. 

Mack says he’s just a hopeless romantic, however. He told the camera, “I learned to do nails from my ex-girlfriend. She was my high school sweetheart, we dated for thirteen years, and when we broke up I was heartbroken. But, I’m still a hopeless romantic. It’s very important for me to have somebody that’s my soulmate. Somebody that I can walk the beach with, live my life, and basically live our life in like, a dreamland.”

Dumped in Mexico

Recently, Caesar Mack asked his boss for a $2,000 loan to buy Maria a plane ticket to Mexico. Despite not hearing from Maria at all for three days before his trip to Mexico, the 90 Day Fiancé star committed to the plan. 

Unfortunately, Mack was soon let down. After encountering a family that suggested he might be getting catfished, Mack learned that Maria wasn’t coming. Apparently, there wasn’t enough money in the account Mack set up for her to make the flight. 

“It wasn’t her fault. It was my fault. If the ticket wasn’t canceled, I think Maria would have gone on the flight. I still have hope I can meet her in person. When you really love somebody, you don’t ever give up on them. I’m still gonna try to get her here. I’m gonna do what it takes,” said Mack.

Mack called Maria, who told him, “I don’t want to go to Mexico. Please, I really… I’m tired. Really tired,” Maria told him. “So please don’t book anything.”

Maria went on to accuse Mack of playing the victim, saying he always brings up how much money he’s spent on her. “So yeah, you’re always like try to be like a victim. You’re not [a] real man. You should be a real man but you’re always like saying, ‘Oh my God.'”

“I’ve done everything I could do for you,” Caesar replied, obviously hurt. “I want you to understand that. Because I’ve tried and if I didn’t love you, I would never… I would never have kept going on like that for five years. You just keep acting negative.”

When Mack asked if it was over, Maria replied, “Yes, it’s over. You will live your life, I will live my life, OK? It’s over.”

Is Mack just getting acting experience?

Meanwhile, a Reddit user has claimed that they know Mack, and that he’s staging much of the show for acting experience. The user wrote, “He says ALL the drama in their relationship was made up by producers. Not like, scripted toooo much but edited and there was a fair bit of acting on his end.”

The user went on to add that the relationship had already been ending before 90 Day Fiancé. “Their relationship was ending before the show even started- and she wasn’t interested in being on camera, which was the nail in the coffin,” they wrote. 

“He only took part in the show to build up a film roll- he is not being paid a TON (like 1200 an episode I think he said?). But, they pay more for the Tell All, pay for travel and stuff for a lot of shots and he wants to get into doing commercial work- so he took this as an ACTING job. His gf was aware of that [sic],” the user added.