’90 Day Fiancé’: Caesar Mack Gives an Update on His Love Life

90 Day Fiancé fans met Caesar Mack when he was dating his long-distance girlfriend named Maria. During their five years together, Caesar paid Maria an allowance of $800 every two weeks.

Caesar Mack
Caesar Mack of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Instagram @caesar_mack

Caesar Mack and Maria

“She was like, ‘In order to be with me, you’ve got to give me about $800 every two weeks.’ And she was like, ‘Cause I don’t want to work in this country and if I work in the country it’s not going to be good for me because it’s corrupt.’ That’s what she was telling me. She was like, ‘Hey, I just can’t work in this country like that. And if I do work somewhere else, our relationship is over. So if I leave the country then our relationship is over.’ And then that was it,” Caesar said in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on June 21.

In addition to giving her an allowance, Caesar says he also helped Maria out with bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Overall, he estimates that he gave her about $90,000 per year.

After being stood up by Maria once, Caesar says he actually did meet his girlfriend in Ukraine, but she deleted all the pictures they took on the trip from his phone.

Caesar says he and Maria are no longer keeping in touch. They haven’t spoken for three months.

“My current status with Maria is we really don’t talk. I’m assuming that we’re friends. I don’t have any ill will towards her. I don’t have anything bad to say about her. But, the thing is, we just haven’t been talking,” he said.

Caesar and Aya

After Maria, Caesar began dating a young woman named Aya. Though Aya lives in America, their relationship was also long-distance, as she resides in New Orleans. The couple appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined together.

Caesar says he eventually went to New Orleans to meet Aya, but once he arrived she completely ignored him. So he left early. When Caesar returned home, he says Aya asked him for money.

“She was trying to say that she needed help so she wanted me to give her some money for help. So I had to end up blocking her a**, too,” he said.

Caesar is currently single

Today, Caesar isn’t dating.

“Right now, I’m not talking to anybody. I’m still single right now. All I’m doing is just working out, lifting weights, running on my treadmill. And that’s it,” he said.


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And he’s enjoying not spending his money on anyone.

“Now, since I haven’t given no money at all to anybody, I have my own money. So now I’m actually having my own money and I can actually do things,” he said.

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