’90 Day Fiancé’: Caesar Mack Says He Unknowingly Paid for Maria to Go on Vacation With Jesse Meester While They Were Dating

90 Day Fiancé star Caesar Mack says he’s happy that he’s currently not spending money on anybody after his split from Maria.

“Now, since I haven’t given no money at all to anybody, I have my own money. So now I’m actually having my own money and I can actually do things,” he said in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on June 21.

Maria of '90 Day Fiancé'
Maria of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Instagram @divine_maria

Over the course of five years, Caesar said he spent about $90,000 per year on Maria. In the interview, he revealed that, unbeknownst to him, he even paid for Maria to go on a trip with Jesse Meester, Darcey Silva’s ex.

Remember when they were spotted together in Barcelona? Caesar says he was still with Maria at the time, and that he paid for the trip.

Maria meets up with Jesse Meester in Barcelona

“When she went to Barcelona, you know, I paid for that trip. She said that she needed some money for the bills. And the other thing is, you don’t really know what they did when she was in Barcelona with him, even though that they said that they’re friends. They could have did something else. We’ll never know,” he said.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans felt Maria and Jesse’s time in Barcelona looked flirtatious, at a minimum.

Caesar said that he and Jesse are not close–acquaintances at best.

“With him, I guess we’re supposed to be acquaintances, or we’re supposed to be–not really friends but–‘Hey what’s up, how you doing?’ That’s really about it,” he said.

Caesar said, at the time, Maria told him she was “going on a trip with a friend of mine.”

“She says, ‘I’m gonna go see a friend of mine on the trip.’ And I had no idea about that. And then all of a sudden, man, somebody sees it and they forward a message to me and I’m like, ‘What the hell is this?’ These two are like hugged up together, like, they have parakeets. And they’re sitting there talking, taking video. And I’m like, ‘What the hell?’” he said.

Caesar believes Maria and Jesse ‘probably did something’ on the trip

Caesar seems to believe that things probably took a turn for the romantic when Maria and Jesse were in Barcelona together.

“I’m thinking they probably did do something. I have no idea what was going on but, you know, when two people are together and they’re on a supposedly vacation, things happen,” he said.


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Caesar also maintains that he and Maria were absolutely still dating at the time of the trip.

“We were supposedly dating. When I got back [from visiting Maria], and it was like a week or a month or so, and that’s when she went down there. But she didn’t tell me that she was gonna go there and see him. And, you know, I had no idea bout that,” he said.

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