’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Johnson Admits He ‘Lied’ to Jess Caroline About Vanessa

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson has been dealing with some major drama. He was dating Jess Caroline, that is, until she revealed to Colt that she was contacted by eight different women complete with screenshots. She says Colt has been talking to other women and sending pictures to them.

Colt doesn’t deny it, and goes on to tell Jess Caroline that Vanessa Guerra, a woman Jess didn’t even want Colt talking to, has moved into his spare bedroom in his house. It’s all too much for Jess, who breaks up with Colt.

During the first part of last week’s virtual Tell All, Colt comes clean, and admits he “lied” to Jess about Vanessa.

Colt Johnson has admitted before to having a crush on Vanessa

Colt Johnson
Colt Johnson | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Vanessa is a friend of Colt’s, and someone who watched Colt and his mother Debbie’s cats while they were in Brazil visiting Jess. She’s been a source of stress for Colt and Jess’ strained relationship, and Jess has issues with their constant correspondence.

Colt has revealed that he met Vanessa before he was divorced from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. They talked online, and eventually met up at a casino. He told producers that he slept with her once before, and that he has a crush on her.

Colt admits he ‘lied’ to Jess Caroline about Vanessa

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Jess accuses Colt of cheating on her with Vanessa during the Tell All. She calls him a “liar,” and says his mother helps him lie, and that Vanessa does as well. The host, Shaun Robinson, asks Colt if he had a “sexual relationship” with Vanessa.

Colt looks away from the cameras, but he eventually answers. “No,” Colt says. He goes on to says she’s just his friend, but he also admits he “lied” to Jess. “Jess, I lied to you about Vanessa,” he admits. “Before I met you Jess, we slept together. And then, after we broke up, I slept with her some more.”

Jess doesn’t seem surprised, and continues to accuse him of sleeping with Vanessa while dating her. “When you were still with me, you were still with Vanessa,” she continues. “You cheated me with her.”

Colt says he didn’t cheat on her, and Jess says he’s a “liar boy.”

There’s more to come in the next episode of the Tell All

In a preview of the upcoming episode of the Tell All, Vanessa joins the conversation. Colt is asked by Shaun if he slept with Vanessa while dating Jess Caroline.

Larissa chimes in that Colt has “no morals.”

Jess also weighs in, and says that, “Colt and Vanessa deserve each other because two like people. Disgusting.”

“Says the girl calling me a b**** and all this s***,” Vanessa responds.

“F*** you,” Jess tells her, and Vanessa is seen getting up from her seat and leaving the heated situation.

We’ll have to see how things play out between Jess and Vanessa in the upcoming episode.