’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Johnson’s Mother Debbie Accuses Larissa Dos Santos Lima of Destroying Colt and Jess Caroline’s Relationship During the Tell All

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline have officially broken up. After Jess is contacted by other women saying Colt sent them messages and pictures, Jess learned the full truth of the matter. Colt comes clean about Vanessa Guerra, a woman Jess didn’t even want him talking to, who moved into his home in a spare bedroom. It’s all just too much for Jess, who promptly breaks up with Colt for good.

Now the virtual Tell All has finally arrived, and Colt must face both his ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, and they happen to be friendly with one another now. Luckily, Colt comes prepared with his mother, Debbie, by his side, and she goes on to accuse Larissa of destroying Colt and Jess’ relationship.

Colt Johnson deals with his exes at the Tell All, and things get heated

Colt Johnson and his mother, Debbie, on '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After'
Colt Johnson and his mother, Debbie, on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ | TLC/YouTube

The host, Shaun Robinson, greets Colt, who sits beside his mother. Then Shaun exchanges pleasantries with Jess, and Colt gets involved by asking how she is. “Shut up,” she says. “I don’t talk with you.” Debbie reacts like she’s completely shocked. “You just lie, lie, lie,” Jess continues. “And Debbie, I just want to talk more with you.”

Debbie asks why she wants to talk to her. Jess goes on to say that Debbie looks “great in red.” Debbie does a little dance in her red shirt, and Jess says, “Look a devil. Look like a demon.”

Debbie says she’s “so glad” that Colt dumped Jess. “I’d pick Larissa over you 1,000 times. Every time. A thousand times,” Debbie insists. Larissa gets involved, and says, “The devil dress red.”

Shaun asks Colt when he last spoke to Larissa, and he says probably not since the last Tell All. Shaun asks Larissa what it’s like seeing Colt again, and she admits she doesn’t really “care” if he’s there for the Tell All or not.

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Debbie goes on to say that Larissa and Jess “are in a club” that’s actually “out to kill Colt’s relationships.” Larissa tells Debbie to leave them alone. She says that Debbie has “no morals.”

When Colt and Jess talk further, Colt admits that he hasn’t spoken to her since after they broke up. “She might as well be a stranger,” Colt says.

“For boyfriend, you know, he’s terrible,” Jess replies.

Colt says that Jess wanted to “change” him. He also goes on to say that she didn’t love him, and not to act like she was the “best girlfriend.”

When the host asks Jess if Colt broke her heart, she answers truthfully.

“Yes,” Jess admits. “When we started dating, he’s really nice. And he’s making you promise. A hundred percent promise. He make me, I want to marry you, I want to have kids with you. Why he don’t say the truth? Why he lie to me? Why play with women? That’s not right. You know? If you don’t want nothing serious with people, don’t say nothing. You manipulate people.”

Debbie accuses Larissa of destroying Colt’s relationship with Jess

After a break, the Tell All continues, and Shaun shows a clip of Larissa calling Jess and warning her about Colt. “Why would you call a girl that he is seeing and destroy that before he even had a chance to work with his relationship? Debbie asks Larissa. “You called her and told her to be aware of him. You destroyed that relationship between he and Jess. You did, not me. You destroyed that relationship before I was ever involved.”

However, Larissa isn’t having it. “Don’t blame me. Blame yourself OK?” Larissa tells her right back. “You destroy everything.”

Jess questions Debbie, and asks her if she thinks Larissa really destroyed her relationship with Colt. “Listen, it looks like your son did same to Larissa,” Jess replies.

It’s hard to believe things were taken so far. We’ll have to see how the rest of the Tell All goes from here.