’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Johnson’s Mother Debbie Tells Jess Caroline She’s ‘Concerned’ About Her Relationship With Colt

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Colt Johnson’s mother, Debbie, goes to speak with Jess Caroline, Colt’s new girlfriend. She tells her that she’s “concerned” about Jess and Colt’s relationship. Read on to learn how it all plays out between them.

Colt Johnson lands in Brazil with his mother, Debbie

Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie
Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie | savagecoltj via Instagram

Colt and Debbie arrive after a long day of traveling to Brazil, and Debbie insists she needs to go lay down. The room accommodations aren’t exactly what anyone is hoping for, which makes everything so much worse.

When Debbie goes to lay down, Jess tries to talk to her, and Debbie explains that they can either let her sleep, or take her to the hospital soon. Debbie is able to rest, and Colt and Jess get their own room.

Debbie and Jess have a conversation

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After the way the first day went down, Debbie goes to speak with Jess on the beach after Colt asks her to. Jess apparently thinks Debbie is mad at her, according to Debbie. They make small talk, and Debbie tells her that she slept well.

“I’m sorry if I came off upset or mad, I was just tired,” Debbie tells Jess. Debbie goes on to explain that she was tired from the plane ride. The conversation steers toward the future meet-up with Jess’ family later in the day. Jess says her family is excited about it, but she doesn’t want a “repeat” of what happened earlier.

“But you have to understand, you’ve only been with Colt twice, and you’re already talking about kids’ names… Colt never ever talked about having children, and now all of a sudden he’s met you and you’re coming up with names,” Debbie says.

Jess explains that Colt talks about it all the time with her. “See that’s what I’m concerned of,” Debbie says. “And you’ve talked about moving here to Brazil maybe, or staying in America?”

Jess says she might stay in Brazil, and Debbie asks about Jess’ visa for the United States. Jess tells the cameras that she feels interrogated, and says Debbie is asking too many questions about her.

Colt’s mother Debbie tells Jess she’s ‘concerned’ about her relationship with Colt

Debbie then goes on to ask what Jess will do when her visa expires. She mentions she might come back to Brazil, or possibly marry Colt. Debbie says she’s been through this whole thing once before with Colt, and she means Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s marriage to her son.

“His ex-wife was from Brazil, and she kind of used Colt to get into the United States. You understand why I’m concerned?” Debbie asks Jess. She says Colt was hurt really bad last time. She also mentions that Larissa needed a green card, and that Jess might be looking for one as well.

Debbie tells the cameras that she thinks Jess really wants to be in America. But, she tells Jess they need to get along for Colt’s sake.

It sounds like Debbie has her reservations about her son’s relationship with Jess.