’90 Day Fiancé’: Could Sumit Be Arrested For Infidelity in India?

90 Day Fiancé stars Sumit and Jenny Slatten are in a tough spot these days. Jenny Slatten recently discovered that Sumit has been keeping a terrible secret — he’s already in an arranged marriage. Sumit was dragged off by his family for roughly a week after they came to his shared apartment with Slatten. 

Now, Sumit is back and telling Slatten that he’s sorry — but it seems she might need to return to the U.S. in the light of his lie. Meanwhile, could Sumit be at risk of legal trouble in India due to his infidelity?

Sumit confronted by family 

While it’s an enormous lie to tell, Sumit withholding information about his arranged marriage isn’t the first time he’s lied to Jenny Slatten. As a matter of fact, the 90 Day Fiancé couple met on Facebook — but Sumit didn’t go by his real name. He catfished Slatten, pretending to be a male model named Michael Jones. 

Sumit eventually came clean to Slatten when he realized he was developing feelings for her. Slatten forgave him, and eventually moved to India to be with the man she loved. Sadly, Sumit hid his arranged marriage from Slatten the whole time. 

Now, it’s all coming back to bite Sumit. After receiving a phone call, he told Slatten to lock the doors and left his apartment. He returned shortly after with a man who introduced himself to Slatten as Sumit’s father-in-law. 

The rest of Sumit’s family showed up, as well as Sumit’s wife, and cornered him. Slatten says Sumit looked ready to fight, squaring off against the gathered family members. Eventually, Sumit left the apartment and returned after a week. 

“What happened was worse than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s like you’re having a nightmare and you wake up and it’s true. That’s what it felt like,” Slatten told 90 Day Fiancé producers.

Sumit returns to Jenny

When Sumit returned to Jenny Slatten in their apartment, she met him with a mix of relief and anger. Slatten was obviously upset that her 90 Day Fiancé lover had lied to her for so long — and had lied to his wife as well. 

Sumit returned to their shared apartment a week after being taken away. When he came back, he told Slatten, “It’s not like that I want to be with her. I got married, and after that, I try. Didn’t work out.”

“You’re saying for the first year of your marriage you tried? You tried to stay in that marriage, you tried to be good in that marriage. But you were talking to me Sumit! … If you’re trying to be married to her and work out your marriage with her then why were you talking to me?” asked Slatten.

Could Sumit get in legal trouble?

When Jenny talked to TLC producers after Sumit was taken it way, she said that Sumit’s family threatened him with legal action. “They’re threatening to put him in jail,” Jenny said. She was also expressed concern for her won wellbeing. “I didn’t know he was married, how can I get in trouble for it? I just found out too! I was scared. I don’t know the Indian laws,” she explained.

However, it seems as if Sumit might be safe from the law. In fact, adultery was decriminalized in India just recently, in 2018. So, unless Sumit has false charges brought against him or is accused of something else, it seems as if he might be able to avoid any serious legal troubles as a result of his relationship with Jenny Slatten. 

Whether or not Slatten decides to continue dating the 90 Day Fiancé star is another matter entirely.