’90 Day Fiancé’: The 5 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments in Big Ed and Rose’s Relationship

This season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days saw plenty of couples with plenty of problems. Avery and Ash were hardly ever on the same page, Usman and Lisa had plenty of tumultuous moments, and Stephanie and Erika called things off by the time Stephanie returned home.

Perhaps the most intriguing two, though, were Big Ed and Rose, whose age gap approached 40 years and who had been talking for three months prior to meeting. Once they met, there were times when things got pretty cringe-worthy.

Big Ed; Rose Vega
Big Ed; Rose Vega | Big Ed via Instagram; Rose Vega via Instagram

Rose’s sister asked Big Ed for money

Before Ed even arrived in the Philippines, Rose’s sister, Mary, was already asking him for money. Mary sent Ed a message saying her store was going to close if he didn’t give her money, since times were tough and she couldn’t pay for everything. This was rough for Ed, since it put him in a super awkward position and made him feel like he was being used. Eventually, when he asked Rose if she was involved, she hesitated before saying no.

Their trip to the market was hard to watch

Rose and Ed’s first outing together was to a market in the Philippines. The 100-degree temperature combined with Rose literally grabbing money out of Ed’s wallet made for a scene that was hard to watch. Ed was frustrated with her, and it was the first time the two actually had a disagreement. He was visibly uncomfortable and sweating through his shirt, and Rose grabbing his wallet and telling a store employee to “keep the change” made him once again question if he was being used — and it made viewers question it, too.

Things took a turn when Ed demanded Rose take an STD test

Ed and Rose were sitting down to dinner when he confronted her about taking an STD test — another moment that turned sour. Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking a partner to take an STD test before becoming intimate — it’s actually the right thing to do. But it caused a big scene between Rose and Ed, and she said she was very “hurt” by what he’d asked. It was just another example of fans clearly seeing the two weren’t compatible.

Rose didn’t like the lingerie and mouthwash

Perhaps the most cringe-worthy moment between Rose and Ed occurred when he bought her lingerie and mouthwash. The two took a quick getaway to an island off the coast of the Philippines, and Ed showed Rose the lingerie he’d bought her — she felt a bit weird about wearing it, and it made us all uncomfortable. But things got even worse when Ed later pulled out a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash and told Rose her breath was “not pretty.” She was offended and said “you’re ugly” twice to him as she walked toward the bathroom — he thought she was saying “I love you.” Yikes.

Things seemed very on and off between Rose and Ed the entire time he was there. He couldn’t get comfortable sleeping in her family’s home, and the Philippines heat didn’t suit him. And once he told Rose he didn’t want kids (not so a much cringe-worthy moment but still hard to watch, as it’s a difficult conversation to have), she ended the relationship.