’90 Day Fiancé’: Danielle Mullins Reveals What She’s ‘Looking for’ in a Guy

Danielle Mullins is back and dating again in a brand-new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff called 90 Day: The Single Life. In the exclusive discovery+ series, we’ll see Danielle get back out in the dating scene again, which will be a nice change of pace after her tumultuous relationship with Mohamed Jbali.

Danielle recently revealed on 90 Day: Bares All what she’s “looking for” in a guy. She also went into more details about it on The Single Life. We have all the details.

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali in ’90 Day Fiance’ and its spinoffs

Danielle Mullins in '90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After'
Danielle Mullins in ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ | 90 Day Fiancé/TLC/YouTube

Danielle, who was 41 at the time, and her husband, Mohamed, who was 26, had a famous falling out that fans witnessed over the course of the franchise’s spinoffs. Before they divorced, there were problems between them from the very beginning when they appeared in season 2 of the original 90 Day Fiancé, including financial issues that Danielle wasn’t upfront about. Mohamed came to Ohio to marry Danielle from his home in Tunisia after they met online and in-person.

There was a lot of drama between them, including law enforcement being called by Mohamed on more than one occasion and Danielle claiming Mohamed cheated, according to Radar Online

Mohamed ended up leaving his wife, eventually moving to Miami, according to E News. His relocation occurred after getting his Green Card two months prior. Danielle wanted to annul the marriage to prompt Mohamed to get deported, but they divorced in 2017, and Mohamed stayed in the country. Danielle even sued Mohamed for $12,500 at one point.

Danielle Mullins reveals what she’s ‘looking for’ in a guy

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Danielle recently appeared on episode 9 of 90 Day: Bares All, and the host, Shaun Robinson, asked Danielle what she’s “looking for in a man.”

“I’m looking for someone that’s family-oriented, has a job,” Danielle explained while laughing. 

“OK, got to have a J.O.B. if you wanna get with Danielle,” Shaun says. She brings up a good point that someone with those requirements shouldn’t be “hard to find.”

In the new spinoff The Single Life, Danielle admits that she’d like to “find love again,” and she goes into more detail about what she’s “looking for” there as well.

“I am looking for someone to build a life, a partnership with,” Danielle says. “Someone that’s caring, kind, outgoing. As long as they’re average looking, maybe a little bit taller than me ’cause I do have struggles with reaching things, so height would be good.”

Danielle Mullins is dating again

Danielle is back on the dating scene with the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life. During Bares All, an exclusive clip is shown of her date with a man, and Danielle is shy when she meets up with him at a sports bar. Wearing a strappy dress, Danielle is on a date with a man named Avon. She admits that she’s “nervous,” and Avon tells the cameras that Danielle is “innocent.” The two have some differences and aren’t meshing that well as the date progresses.

“So you looking for Santa Claus?” Avon asks her. Danielle questions that, and he says, “You want your little stocking stuffed?” That makes Danielle laugh, which she seems to do quite a bit during the date, and she looks shocked when talking to the cameras about the comment. 

“Uh no, I’m not into…I mean…sex on the first date, or second date,” she clarifies. “It’s going to be a while.”

When Avon admits he’s “feeling” her, and he hopes she’s “feeling” him, adding, “But if you’re interested, I’m in,” Danielle says she needs to “check” her schedule. It’s a very awkward first date. We’ll have to see if it’s a sign of more things to come.

In the upcoming episode of The Single Life, Danielle will be going on a date with another man named Jason after her friend puts her on a dating app. We’ll have to see how it goes when the two are one-on-one by themselves. If this date with Avon is anything to go on, it’s going to be epic.