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Fans have taken pity on David Murphey since he first appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and told his story about his girlfriend, Lana. Apparently, he had been dating the Ukrainian beauty online for seven years but never met her in person. In fact, every time he tried to meet up with her, she stood him up. For most viewers, this story seemed like a classic tale of catfishing. Older man meets young, beautiful woman online, sends her money yet never gets to meet up with her. It’s textbook catfishing, right?

David Murphey
David Murphey | Instagram @davidjmurphey

Well, apparently footage has leaked from the Tell All special that shows that Lana is actually a real person! And to take matters further, the two are now engaged.

Lana refused to meet David

Murphey had tried to meet up with Lana three times before the 90 Day Fiance cameras got involved. Fans were able to watch Murphey’s fourth attempt when he flew to Ukraine only to be stood up again. Desperate to find Lana, Murphey even went to an address that Lana had previously given him to see if she lived there. When he got there, a man answered the door who claimed to have lived in the building since the 1990’s and had never seen anyone who looked like Lana.

David hired a private investigator

When Murphey got back to the United States, he hired a private investigator to get some answers.

“I know I got a lot of lies from Lana,” he said on the show. “So I’m hoping the investigator will validate that Lana is who I think she is because I don’t know if I’m ready to find out if my truth is not the truth.”

Murphey’s friend Victoria came over to translate the Ukrainian investigator’s findings.

“He truly believes that this is scam,” Victoria told Murphey of what the investigator was saying to her. “Because when they checked all data and all connections, they find out this girl [has] several dating accounts.”

The investigator told them that Lana had many accounts with many different names and that she talked to different men on the accounts. Murphey refused to believe the investigator and vowed to get answers on his own.

David and Lana meet

Though this season of 90 Day Fiance is almost over, we already know how one story ends. According to Soap Dirt, someone from TLC leaked clips from part two of the Tell All special. Apparently, Murphey flies back to Ukraine and actually meets up with Lana who turns out to be the woman in the pictures.

Murphey proposes to Lana and she agrees but later, Big Ed Brown calls Murphey a fool and claims that the engagement is fake.

Where do the relationships stand before the ‘Tell-All’?

Going into the Tell-All special, Brown and Rose Vega have called it quits after Brown admitted that he didn’t want children. All of the other couples are still together, despite some being on shaky ground. We’ll have to wait and see how the other relationships turn out. Maybe Yolanda’s boyfriend Williams will even be who he says he is.