’90 Day Fiance’: David Shares Additional Footage of Him and Lana Bowling–’2 [Strikes] in a Row Was a 5 Second Kiss’

It recently came out that 90 Day Fiance couple David Murphey and his seven-year girlfriend Lana have split.

David and Lana of '90 Day Fiancé'
David and Lana of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Instagram @davidjmurphey

Leaked footage of the “Tell-All” showed David proposing to Lana her saying yes. But additional footage showed David giving the “Tell-All” host an update on his relationship and he said that they’re “not together.”

David says he and Lana are ‘not together’ after ’90 Day Fiance’ but he has hope for the future

“Right now, I would say we are not together. I’m not going to say we won’t be together in the future. She’s under way too much stress with what’s going on with the show. And the people who bother her. I told her that’s part your fault, you can get off,” David told host Shaun Robinson.

When David was asked if he and Lana have a wedding date in mind he said, “no, of course not. It takes a year or more to get a visa. Government isn’t even open. And now there is a ban on immigration. My next step is to move to Ukraine. I’m retiring and moving to the Ukraine.”

David also revealed he spent over $200,000 over the years to speak to Lana.

Despite all that, David continues to post coupley photos and videos of him and Lana on his Instagram page–maybe it’s the hope he has for them getting back together sometime in the future.

David posts a video to Instagram of him and Lana on their bowling date

In a recent post, David shared a video of him and Lana on a bowling date, seemingly from the same bowling date 90 Day Fiance viewers witnessed on the show.

Fans will remember that David made a deal with Lana that if he got a strike she had to give him a kiss on the lips. Lana was clearly uncomfortable with the arrangement and actively cheered whenever David missed. She said in her talking head interview that she wasn’t ready to kiss David on the lips. But when David got that strike, she begrudgingly gave him the smallest of pecks.


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In David’s Instagram post, he went into their kissing arrangement more in-depth.

“Bowling with Lana. I fooled around for the first 3 frames to try to show Lana how to curve the ball from gutter to gutter. With 7 frames left it was time to earn kisses,” he captioned the video. “A single strike was a kiss in the lips instead of the cheek. 2 in a row was a 5 second kiss. Scored 4 strikes in the next 7 frames. Hard to do with a 15 pound house ball drilled for a gorilla. Only strategy is to throw hard and straight.”

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