’90 Day Fiancé’: Deavan Clegg Claims Show Trauma Gave Drascilla an Eating Disorder

90 Day Fiancé stars Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee are more than just split up. Clegg has been claiming that Lee was abusive towards her daughter, Drascilla, since they parted ways. Lee has pushed back on the claims, suggesting they’re exaggerated or perhaps fabricated. It remains to be seen whether or not Clegg will pursue legal action, but she has continued to claim that whatever went down with Jihoon Lee has had lasting repercussions on her daughter’s mental health. 

Deavan Clegg has claimed Jihoon Lee was abusive 

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90 Day Fiancé couple Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee were not able to make it work. Clegg moved to South Korea to be with Lee, but was frustrated by his work and financial situation and seeming lack of motivation. 

Unfortunately, things got worse for the couple, according to Clegg. Since her split with Lee, the reality star has claimed that he was abusive towards her daughter, Drascilla. 

“You guys don’t know the half of it. My daughter is healing and I’m healing. … Something bad happened that can never be forgiven,” wrote Clegg on Instagram. “I tried to co-parent but that’s kind of hard to do when the other person has deleted any type of way to get in contact.” 

“Also kind of difficult when the only time he contacts you is to call you degrading vile names. He’s told me time and time again he just wants to pretend it didn’t happen and has called me, my son, Drascilla vile things. I’m done. I’m sick of the lies I’m sick of pretending it’s OK I’m done.”

Clegg has since claimed that the incident in question involved Lee pulling out a chunk of Drascilla’s hair.  

Jihoon Lee pushed back on Instagram 

90 Day Fiancé stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg
90 Day Fiancé stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

Jihoon Lee took to his Instagram story to push back on some of the accusations levied against him by both Deaven Clegg and fans of 90 Day Fiancé

According to Lee, the hair pulling situation came about when Drascilla exhibited bad behavior at her school, including pulling the other childrens’ hair. 

“Drascilla was enrolled into an English academy in Korea. I would get calls from the director that Drascilla was hitting, spitting, screaming, and pulling other kids’ hair and the teachers,” he wrote.  

“So I would come down to the school and try to talk to her the best I could. She wouldn’t listen. She would continue with the same tactics, even after I would show her what she was doing was wrong,” he added. 

Apparently, Lee’s hair pulling was a misguided attempt at showing Drascilla why her actions were wrong.  

“When she was pulling other children’s hair and making them cry, I tugged on her hair, and asked ‘If I pull on your hair, does it hurt? You don’t want to hurt your friends or the other kids’ and that still didn’t work in her understanding,” he concluded. 

Clegg has since claimed that the school incident is not the abuse she’s talking about. 

‘90 Day Fiancé’ star suggests her daughter developed serious trauma

Deavan Clegg has since continued to claim that Lee was abusive to Drascilla, though without presenting formal evidence just yet. During an Instagram Live, she claimed this was a matter of her NDA, and also suggested Drascilla is dealing with the aftereffects to this day. 

“The one who’s hurting is my daughter. She got an eating disorder, she wouldn’t eat anything. She’s scared of everything now and we’re working hard on improving that. She’s finally eating again which is great,” said Clegg on an Instagram live video. 

“She’s finally opening up about what happened to her. And we’re just trying our best to fix her, okay?” she added.