’90 Day Fiancé: Deavan Clegg Claims That Jihoon Lee Pulled Drascilla’s Hair Out in Deleted Instagram Post

Deavan Clegg has not been silent when it comes to her breakup with Jihoon Lee. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star has accused Lee of hurting her daughter Drascilla. Up until now, she has been rather vague about what exactly Lee did as it’s still a legal matter that has yet to be resolved, but in a deleted Instagram post, she went more in depth with some of her accusations.

Deavan and Jihoon
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

What did Deavan say about Jihoon?

When Lee and Clegg first broke up, things between them seemed amicable. Lee claimed that Clegg was still planning to bring their son Taeyang back to Korea every summer to visit him. But shortly after news of the split became public, Clegg began making accusations about Lee.

Clegg first refuted claims that she was keeping Taeyang from Lee.

“I hate how everyone thinks I’m taking you away from a certain someone,” she wrote in a now-deleted caption under a picture of Taeyang. “When in reality I tried my best, yet that certain someone hasn’t called, texted, or asked about you in weeks. And the little money they gave to you, they asked for back. People are attacking us for a man who attacked us. But the truth always comes out. Seeing someone play victim and pretend and lie…I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of pretending because I’m scared of a piece of paper. Anyways I’m not keeping my child from a certain person.”

Then, later, in a comment captured by Cinema Blend, Clegg claimed that Lee had hurt Drascilla.

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“I tried and this person has said some vile things about my son and has blocked any way of me getting in contact to even send photos of my son?” she continued. “But yet you guys attack me? You don’t know what happened behind closed doors. You don’t know the type of evil that happened. I’m sick of being attacked and blamed and being told I’m a horrible person and I took my son away. You guys don’t know the half of it. My daughter is healing and I’m healing.”

Clegg claimed that something horrible happened that no one knew about.

“Something bad happened that can never be forgiven,” she said. “I tried to co-parent but that’s kind of hard to do when the other person has deleted any type of way to get in contact. Also kind of difficult when the only time he contacts you is to call you degrading vile names. He’s told me time and time again he just wants to pretend it didn’t happen and has called me, my son, Drascilla vile things. I’m done I’m sick of the lies I’m sick of pretending it’s OK I’m done.”

Deavan Clegg says Jihoon Lee pulled Drascilla’s hair out

Lee recently posted some lengthy messages to his Instagram story, claiming that he never hurt Drascilla and that he only tried to discipline her when she would act out at school.

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When fans pointed out that hair pulling is a common form of discipline in certain Asian cultures, Clegg insisted that what Lee did was out of anger.

“Pulling and ripping out an entire section of hair are two different things,” Deavan wrote under a since-deleted post captured by TheHollywoodGossip. “I think both are wrong.”

“The incident that happened had nothing to do with school,” she continued. “And was an incident that happened at 3am. That’s my peace for now.”