’90 Day Fiancé’: Deavan Clegg Is Working on a New Documentary Now That She Is ‘100% Done’ With the Show

Deavan Clegg is not happy with 90 Day Fiancé. The reality show star has blasted the franchise a number of times. But just because she will no longer be on 90 Day Fiancé doesn’t mean she’s done being in front of the camera. In fact, Clegg is working on a new documentary right now.

Deavan and Jihoon
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

Deavan Clegg says TLC made her look bad

Clegg has been very vocal about how TLC’s editing made her look. But when she felt that the edits were harming her daughter’s image, she spoke out.

“I’ve been upset with edits before,” she said on an Instagram Live. “I haven’t been vocal about it too much. But the edits are just getting so bad on my daughter that it’s disgusting and it’s disheartening.”

Clegg said that production promised her they wouldn’t show certain things but then did it anyway.

“They promised they wouldn’t show her bottle, and she was on formula at that age because she was losing weight and she couldn’t gain any weight and her doctor recommended it,” she continued. “But people don’t take that into consideration, they just judge saying I’m neglectful when it’s actually the complete opposite of that. They promised they wouldn’t show that, and they did.”

Deavan is done with ’90 Day Fiancé’

Clegg was not invited to the Tell-All reunion special. While many fans thought that meant that Clegg might have been fired, she made it clear that that was not the case. She did, however, reveal that being apart of the show really affected her mental health and almost made her harm herself.

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When recounting her experience with the show, she told her fans how dark things got for her at some points.

“The greater lesson I’ve learned is how evil some people can be,” she captioned a photo. “The truth of reality is dark and evil. Fake scenarios taken from real life to ruin many people’s lives. My heart goes out to the many people who have taken their lives this year due to reality tv going too far. I hope this recent season has taught Sharp a lesson. There was a lot cut in the second half of the season. A lot of over the line things bringing many of the cast members to almost take their lives. Me being one of them.”

What is Deavan’s new documentary about?

According to ScreenRant, Clegg is now “a hundred precent done” with TLC. Lately, she has been working on a new documentary that will be coming out soon.

“It’s going to tell our truth,” she said of the new project to blogger John Yates according to The Ashleys Reality Round Up. “It’s going to show who we really are and we’re not going to be biased. We’re like, leaving it the way this is, how life is and we thought it would be better to do [a] documentary and then people can really open their eyes on the difference between reality TV and actual real life.”

Clegg recently released a promo for the documentary. The three-minute video showed Clegg and her new boyfriend Christopher Park talking about their magazine Toph & Her and Clegg experiencing the fallout from her relationship with Jihoon Lee.