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Deavan and Jihoon met on a dating app before appearing on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. They fell in love quickly and conceived a child together the first time Jihoon visited Deavan in Utah. Now, they’re trying to make things work in South Korea.

As fans of the show know, they’ve been particularly struggling with finances, which has caused a rift between the two families. During Monday’s episode, it finally seemed as though Deavan’s mom (Elicia), Jihoon’s parents, and the couple were all on the same page. That is, until the preview for next week was shown where Deavan’s mom said she was filled with “rage” at Jihoon.

Deavan and Jihoon
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

Deavan and Jihoon’s families have a productive conversation

After Deavan’s mom begrudgingly agreed that her daughter and Jihoon’s new apartment was suitable, everyone, including Jihoon’s parents, hashed things out with the use of a translator app.

Elicia said she was upset because Jihoon didn’t bother to check out the apartment. Jihoon’s dad apologized and his mom said she was also taken aback by the situation. Jihoon assured Elicia that the initial apartment drama was all his fault, not the fault of his parents.

Deavan told cameras that she feels Jihoon is too reliant on his parents.

“Jihoon relies on his parents to just give him everything he wants, and he’s just been too spoiled his whole life,” she said. “But he has a family now, and they need to stop enabling him.”

“What I would like to see in the future is for Jihoon to put in as much effort as my daughter,” said Deavan’s mom.

The statement didn’t go over well with Jihoon’s mom, who said Elicia was putting all the blame on Jihoon and none on Deavan.

In the end, Deavan told the group that she wants both her mom and Jihoon’s parents to give her and Jihoon some space.

“Both mine and Jihoon’s parents need to kind of back off, and let us be adults and do it ourselves,” she said.

Deavan’s mom doesn’t ‘even want to look at Jihoon again’


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Despite their seemingly productive conversation, the episode ended on a dramatic note. As everyone was leaving the park, Drascilla ran off when Jihoon was supposed to be watching her. We hear Deavan and Elicia yelling and see Jihoon running after her.

In the preview for next week’s episode, we see Jihoon in tears sitting in the street.

“I dont even want to look at Jihoon again,” says Elicia. “All I feel is rage.”