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The couples on 90 Day Fiance aren’t exactly known for the longevity of their relationships. Most of them don’t even make it through the season as a couple, so keeping the relationship together after the cameras stop rolling is a nearly impossible feat.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou
Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou Instagram via alwayssnicole

All of the couples on the show start out optimistic. They seem to genuinely believe that their relationship won’t be like all of the others and will actually work. But as they begin living together in America, things always go south.

On last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, we may have just witnessed the end of two couples.

Anna and Mursel

Anna and Mursel have had a rough time since Mursel came from Turkey to be with Anna. Neither one of their families has been on board with the union which would put a strain on any relationship.

In the most recent episode, Mursel was kicked out of Anna’s house and was staying in a hotel after he failed to stand up for Anna to his family. He, then, decided to return home to Turkey. Though Mursel ultimately made the decision to leave himself, he and Anna had a very tearful reunion when he went to pick up the rest of his things.

“I am suffering too much pain,” Mursel told her.

“My heart is broken,” Anna replied.

Then, things got a little weird.

“I want to kiss you,” Mursel said through the help of a translator app. But Anna wasn’t feeling the love.

“I want to punch you,” she responded.

Mursel eventually packed all of his things and went with Anna to the airport.

“He’s broken my heart and I’m not going to go back from this. I don’t think I can,” Anna said.

At the end of the episode, it seemed like it was really over for the two lovers. They could potentially continue their relationship long-distance but that can only work for so long.

Mike and Natalie

Mike and Natalie’s portion of the episode was one of the toughest to watch. While Mike was still in the Ukraine, the two sat with producers for an interview. In the interview, a producer asked Natalie if she loved Mike.

There was an extremely long pause while Mike waited for what he hoped was a positive answer.

“God, it’s hard,” Natalie said as Mike’s face fell.

“I think we have potential,” she continued. “Cause he’s a good guy and there are a lot of moments that are good.”

“What she just said, does it bother you?” the producer asked Mike.

“Little bit,” Mike responded. “It sounds like she’s not even gonna miss me. Sounds like she doesn’t care if I leave right now.”

“But love has to grow and there are a lot of difficult situations you have to go through,” Natalie continued.

After being redirected by production and asked again if she loved Michael, Natalie still couldn’t give a positive answer.

“I have feelings that will grow to love,” she said. “If we work on it, it will grow to love. I’m a woman, it’s okay not to be sure. I think I’m okay. Because women are not sure usually and it would be a lie from my side to say I love him.”

Then, Mike started angrily packing his things, which caused Natalie to throw her engagement ring in his suitcase.

“I gave Mike back the ring because I wanted him to show some action, but he wouldn’t.”

When Mike didn’t give her the ring back, it seemed like things were truly over between them.