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In normal circumstances, when you turn down a proposal, you don’t expect your significant other to move on in a matter of months. But that’s exactly what happened to Varya Malina on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. After she told Geoffrey Paschel that she didn’t want to get married yet, he broke up with her and moved on. Later, Malina showed up in the U.S. to surprise Paschel and mend their relationship.

After watching the confrontation between Malina and Paschel’s new girlfriend, Mary, fans are wondering if Malina knew about Mary before coming to America.

Varya Malina
Varya Malina | Instagram @varya.malina

Geoffrey and Varya’s breakup

No one likes to be turned down. But when Malina told Paschel she didn’t want to get married, she didn’t mean that she never wanted to get engaged to him, she just meant she wanted to date a little more first. Instead of listening to her, Paschel ended the relationship.

“The best thing for me to do is just ignore it and try to move on with my life,” he told the cameras. “I feel like she’s messing with my heart.”

He, then, started dating his old flame, Mary.

“I want to find happiness and I want somebody to find that happiness with me,” he said in a confessional. “I really do see a future with Mary so I’m hoping the closer I get with her, I’ll naturally start forgetting these feelings I had with Varya.”

Did Varya know about Mary before she went to the USA?

When Malina showed up on Paschel’s doorstep to surprise him, Paschel didn’t exactly seem thrilled to see her.

Paschel later said on The Domenick Nati Show that he had no idea that Malina was coming.

“This was a complete surprise 100%,” Paschel said of the moment Malina showed up. “I hear people say this is so staged, this is so fake. I was caught in the moment. You saw my sh*t eating grin. I didn’t know what to do.”

And while Malina may have talked to producers about surprising Paschel, production had no idea that Mary was at his house.

“The doorbell rang and I assumed it was production because they were going to come over and film some b-roll,” he said. “They had no idea Mary was there. They had 0 idea. So there was no communication to that because they were tending to Varya you know bringing Varya out and filming Varya.”

So the reactions of Paschel, Malina, and Mary were all extremely authentic.

“The doorbell rings,” Paschel continued. “My door panel is translucent so you can’t really see through it. You can see through it but you can’t see what’s on the other side basically. So I went to the door thinking it was production and it was Varya.”


’90 Day Fiance: Are Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Together Now?

Who is Geoffrey with now?

The season is still airing so it’s not 100% clear if Paschel ends up with Mary or Malina. Both Paschel and Malina’s Instagram accounts make it seem like they didn’t stay together and Malina has called Paschel out on more than one occasion on social media, so it’s unlikely that they are still together.