’90 Day Fiancé’: Does Azan Tefou Actually Have a Pregnant Moroccan Wife?

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé couples, Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger are in a league of their own. These two, who are rapidly approaching their four year anniversary as a couple, still haven’t found a way to make their marriage happen. 

Two failed attempts at marriage followed by a lack of physical visitation between Nafziger and Tefou has fans wondering what the deal is. Some fans feel as if Tefou might be playing Nafziger. In fact, there have been several rumors swirling around about Tefou playing Nafziger, and several sources have come forward claiming the same. Now, a new rumor is circulating that Tefou might actually have a pregnant Moroccan wife. 

Rumors that Azan Tefou’s a player

Previously, YouTuber Keith Brooks was contacted by a source that wished to remain anonymous, claiming to have dirt on Tefou’s real life. In a now-deleted video, the source claimed to be a 23-year-old from Spain, as well as one of Tefou’s many girlfriends. This source claimed that Tefou is totally insincere when it comes to his feelings and intentions with Nicole Nafziger. 

The source went on to claim that Tefou has girlfriends in South Korea, Japan, England, and Russia. According to her, Tefou’s true goal is to enter into a relationship with someone who lies in a country with close ties to the U.S. According to her, his goal is to find the easiest entry possible into the U.S. 

“The whole relationship is really a joke,” said the informant. “He plans on going over and marrying Nicole, as soon as he can he wants to just divorce her and then bring in his girlfriend from Morocco, bring her over to the states and marry her. Everything about it is just really shady.” 

Rumors that Azan Tefou’s family laughs at Nicole Nafziger

Those certainly aren’t the only rumors flying around about Azan Tefou. Another source came forward on Instagram, claiming to have special insight into the 90 Day Fiancé star’s family life. This source claims to be familiar with Tefou’s aunt. 

“I am a europian moroccan and i know his aunt. She laugh so hard about Nicole and they all know that Azan is not in love with Nicole and they support him in taking her money. They are NEVER gonne let him marry Nicole. Sorry for the bad English [sic],” the Instagram user claimed.

They continued, “He dont want to leave Marocco. If he wanted to leave he could because his family have family in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. He could marry a girl from heren but he want a good life in Morocco. He is lying about that he cant transfer money to her. The engegement ring was so cheap [sic].”

Fans may note that these two sources do provide some conflicting information. The first one claims Tefou wants to be able to move to the U.S., while the second claims he doesn’t want to leave Morocco at all. When it boils down to it, we can’t confirm either of the rumors, so they remain speculation.

Does Azan Tefou have a Moroccan wife?

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Now, a new rumor is growing — one that posits Azan Tefou might actually have a wife in Morocco already. This rumor started when Tefou canceled a trip to Grenada with Nicole Nafziger, somewhat out of the blue. This was to be the first time the couple had seen each other in a while.

“It’s been a couple of weeks since the trip to Grenada was canceled. I am a little disappointed because I was really excited about it. The day we were supposed to leave, Azan called me and told me that he’s not going to be able to come,” Nafziger told TLC

Tefou claimed he had a family emergency that prevented him from going on the trip — though he never clarified with Nafziger what the emergency was. One user wrote on Facebook, “…there’s some tea being spread that Azan is now married and the ‘emergency’ was the pregnancy of his now-wife.” 

For now, this remains speculation, though users have been digging up what they claim to be screenshots of Tefou’s texts between himself and other women.