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90 Day Fiancé star Tom Brooks is simply not in fans’ good graces right now. While his 90 Day Fiancé co-star, Darcey Silva, might be too emotionally needy and embarrassingly clingy, fans are nevertheless unimpressed by Brooks’ recent behavior. 

The self-proclaimed gentleman has been called out for stealing other peoples’ photos on Instagram, and giving off the illusion that he lives a luxury lifestyle. It’s also come out that Darcey Silva may suspect Brooks of cheating. Now, a source is claiming that Tom Brooks’ family helps support his fakery. 

Does Darcey Silva suspect cheating?

While not all fans are on board with Darcey Silva and her flair for the dramatic, there are equally as many fans who have their suspicions about Tom Brooks. Even Darcey Silva seems to suspect he may be cheating on her, if a HollywoodLife source is to be believed.

A source claiming to be close to the couple has come forward to tell HollywoodLife that their relationship is strained. The source claims that Silva believes her 90 Day Fiancé beau may be cheating on her. 

“Darcey suspects that Tom has been cheating on her this entire season and it’s still an issue in their relationship. She thinks he’s has had multiple girlfriends on the side the entire time. Countless girls message her on Instagram telling her that Tom is cheating with them,” said the source

The source added,“The show never gave a reason why there was so much tension when Darcey made Tom go to Albania instead of Tom’s idea to surprise her at the Canary Islands. The real reason for the destination change was because Darcey had just found out about the other women and was upset. This also explains why there was more tension than normal with everyone. Normally, Darcey and her [twin] sister get along but that episode they were at it with each other. Production made it look like [her sister] Stacey was mad at Darcey but didn’t give much insight why. It’s really because she wants Darcey to be treated better.”

The source went on to say that many believe Brooks may be a total fraud. “Everyone around Darcey thinks Tom is a fraud. They think he wants to appear as this rich, jet setting man but he’s really not like that at all. You can Google him and nothing will come up, even his Instagram followers are fake,” they added.

Busted for fake photos 

Tom Brooks has also been called out for fakery when it comes to his Instagram. It seems the 90 Day Fiancé star’s life of luxury may have all been a ruse. Instagram account fraudedbytlc has been tracking Brooks’ fake photos for a while now, posting them side-by-side with the original image. 

In the example above, Brooks made a post about a new Louis Vuitton scent he claimed to be using. The person who originally posted the scent found out Brooks had reposted his image and changed the caption, and fraudedbytlc caught it all. 

The account hosts several other examples of Tom Brooks using other people’s social media posts to suggest he’s living a luxury lifestyle

Is his family in on it?

Now, SoapDirt is claiming that Tom Brooks’ family is in on his luxury lifestyle lies, and that they help support what he does. SoapDirt posted a screenshot of a message from a fan that suggests Brooks’ has been living a lie for a while. 

Their message reads, in part, “Everything he’s said about his life is not how he lives. He lives with his parents (I have his address), hence always booking Airbnbs. He doesn’t have a luxury lifestyle, he’s recently started working for a company getting people to sign up (for a pyramid scheme) for coffee and cosmetics.”

The source continues, “His sister lives near them with her partner and little girl. … Her and his mother Jane backed him in all the lies that were on here about his luxury life. …His mother and sister will lie along with him to keep his fantasy alive.”

Do you think Tom Brooks is faking it all? Is his family in on it? And does Darcey Silva know?