’90 Day Fiancé’: Elizabeth Potthast Asks Andrei Castravet If He’s ‘Hiding Something’

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast Castravet are in Moldova for their second wedding, and things have been more than eventful so far. Elizabeth’s father, Chuck, and her brother, Charlie, have landed in Moldova, and there has already been an altercation over dinner.

Chuck and Charlie have been trying to get answers when it comes to Andrei’s past. Things boil over when questions get thrown around about Andrei at dinner. He and Charlie get in each other’s faces, and the whole thing prompts Elizabeth to ask Andrei if he’s “hiding something.”

Elizabeth and Andrei’s dinner is more than eventful, and almost leads to a physical fight

Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet
Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet | elizabethpotthast via Instagram

Chuck and Charlie have questions about Andrei’s past, and it clearly isn’t something that Andrei is comfortable to talk about with them. They really want to know why Andrei left his job as a police detective to move to Ireland, where he met Elizabeth. At dinner with Andrei’s friends and family, the situation is filled with tension when Chuck and Charlie start probing for answers.

When they inquire about what Andrei did for work in Ireland, Andrei makes it known that he doesn’t want to continue the conversation. Chuck asks the table what they thought about Andrei meeting a woman in Ireland who was from America and the potential of him moving there. This is when Andrei gets really upset, and says not to start stuff about the Green Card.

The drinking only makes things worse, and when Charlie says that from their eyes, it seems like Andrei moved to Ireland to get to America, things take a turn for the worst. Andrei insists that he can talk to him outside, and then they both stand up. They’re in each other’s faces, but luckily everything gets broken up before anyone gets hurt.

Elizabeth asks Andrei if he’s ‘hiding something’

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Elizabeth is upset about the whole thing, and that’s understandable since her brother and husband almost got into a serious fight. Andrei tells Elizabeth to tell her family to pack their bags, and she tells Andrei that they should go.

“This night is ruined,” Elizabeth tells producers. “Andrei has been drinking, and he’s treating my family this way, like it’s not OK.” She says she’s “over the negativity.”

They walk out of the restaurant, and Elizabeth asks Andrei, “Who behaves like that in front of all those people?” Andrei then asks for his brother, Radu, to come outside.

Andrei says they were having a good time until Elizabeth’s family asked “too many questions.”

“So are you hiding something then?” Elizabeth asks her husband. “Who gets this mad? What are you so mad about?”

Elizabeth tells the cameras that she feels bad for her father and brother. Andrei and Elizabeth leave, but not before Andrei tells Radu to tell Chuck and Charlie to go home.

Andrei and Elizabeth continue their argument because Andrei says Elizabeth always defends her family, but she says she’s always defending him. They leave together, but it’s clear there is a lot of tension between them right now.

What does this all mean for the second wedding and the rest of the trip in Moldova? It’s unclear how things will play out.