’90 Day Fiancé’: Elizabeth Potthast Castravet Shares Behind-the-Scenes Post From Season 6 of ‘Happily Ever After’

There are a lot of couples in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and some of them are fan favorites. Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and her husband, Andrei Castravet, are certainly counted among them. These two can be seen in the new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. Elizabeth recently shared a behind-the-scenes post from season 6 of the series. We have all the details.

Andrei and Elizabeth Castravet in ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’
Andrei and Elizabeth Castravet in ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ | 90 Day Fiancé/TLC/YouTube

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and Andrei Castravet from the ‘90 Day Fiancé’ franchise

Elizabeth, who is 30, and her husband, who is 35, currently live in Tampa, Florida, with their daughter, Eleanor Louise Castravet. The couple first met on a dating app, and they saw each other for the first time in person in Dublin, Ireland, in 2016. Andrei is originally from Moldova. The couple was married in December 2017, and their daughter was born on January 23, 2019.

What ’90 Day Fiancé’ shows can fans see Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and Andrei Castravet in?

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Elizabeth and Andrei can be seen in a number of 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs. Their time in the franchise started with season 5 of the original 90 Day Fiancé. They were also in What NowSelf-QuarantinedHappily Ever AfterHEA Strikes Back, and Pillow Talk. Plus, fans can watch them in discovery+ exclusive series, including 90 Day Diaries90 Day: Bares All, and 90 Day Fiancé: Love Games. The famous couple is also in the latest season of Happily Ever After, which premiered on Sunday, April 25. Fans can catch new episodes on TLC on Sundays as well as on discovery+. 

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet recently shared a behind-the-scenes post from season 6 of ‘Happily Ever After’

On May 17, 2021, Elizabeth shared a photo and a short video clip that fans will want to see. It’s from filming for season 6, and viewers of the current season will recognize her outfit and the background. The behind-the-scenes media included an image of herself as she takes the selfie while holding a glass of liquid. She’s wearing a purple halter dress with gold necklaces on. Her makeup is done, and her hair is wavy. She smiles for the camera as she’s seated in a chair. In the background is a perfectly designed interior, complete with home décor. Filming equipment can also be seen in the image as well.

In the video that was also shared with music playing in the background, Elizabeth smiles while moving the camera around, which shows off more of her surroundings, as she holds the glass of liquid with a smile on her face. She angles the camera taking the video above her at one point as well. Before the video cuts off, she holds the glass up closer to the camera and smiles.

Elizabeth captioned the post: “BTS post. 💜🥂,” while adding credit for her makeup, which was done by her sister, Jenn Davis. She also adds that the dress is from Amazon, and the jewelry from XXI. She did her own hair according to the post, and she added a number of hashtags, “#bts #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter #andreiandelizabeth.”

It’s nice to see behind-the-scenes moments from our favorite shows. Continue watching Elizabeth on new episodes of Happily Ever After.