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90 Day Fiancé fans have witnessed Elizabeth Potthast’s family clash with her husband, Andrei Castravet, during Season 5 of the original series, plus two more seasons of the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The Potthast family have voiced their issues with Andrei numerous times. But it turns out, they’re no angels themselves.

90 Day Fiancé Elizabeth Andrei
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Elizabeth and Andrei | via Instagram

The Potthast family has never liked Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei’s romance moved very quickly after they met on a dating app in 2016. She is from Tampa, Florida, and he is from Chisinau, Moldova. The duo’s first face-to-face meeting occurred in Dublin, Ireland, not long after they connected online.

By September 2017, Andrei had moved to Florida on a K-1 visa, and he and Elizabeth got engaged just a few weeks later. From the beginning, Elizabeth’s family found Andrei to be controlling and rude.

They have also had issues with Andrei over his lack of career goals and his inability to find full-time work to take care of his family financially. By the time the couple showed up on their first season of Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth was pregnant and still stressed out about Andrei’s lack of employment.

Things have continued to escalate between the Potthast family and Andrei. In the most recent episode, Andrei nearly came to blows with Elizabeth’s brother Charlie during a dinner in Moldova.

The ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars still rely on Elizabeth’s dad for money

The Potthast family’s biggest problem with Andrei truly revolves around money. He has never held down a full-time job during his relationship with Elizabeth, and this doesn’t sit well with her father, Chuck.

Despite their lack of income, Elizabeth asked her dad for $15,000 so they could have a second wedding in Moldova.

“The relationship between Andrei and my dad has never been good, and I’m always caught in the middle,” Elizabeth told 90 Day Fiancé cameras. “I really think asking my dad for this money will create even more tension between him and Andrei. I feel like all the weight is on my shoulders, and it doesn’t feel good inside.”

According to Reality TV World, Andrei is now a stay-at-home dad to daughter Eleanor, and Elizabeth is working full-time in real estate with her Chuck.

The Potthast family has had trouble with the law

The Potthast family has villainized Andrei relentlessly over his lack of income and career ambitions, plus his controlling and rude behavior.

They have also accused him of being untrustworthy and voiced their concerns about Andrei marrying Elizabeth simply to get a green card. Chuck has also had suspicions that his son-in-law might be involved in something illegal.

However, Elizabeth’s family is far from perfect, and they have had their share of trouble with the law. According to Distractify, police arrested Chuck back in 2009 because of unpaid child support.


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Chuck’s business – CDC Capital Investments LLC – has also received numerous complaints from tenants via the Better Business Bureau. They have accused Chuck of running a scam, claiming that the properties they rented from him were in foreclosure.

Three of Elizabeth’s siblings have also been arrested because they have a habit of driving with suspended licenses. Both Charlie and Jen had their driver’s licenses revoked in 2005, while Becky was booked in 2008.

New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? air Sunday nights on TLC.