’90 Day Fiancé’: Emily and Her Sister Betsy Banter About Sasha On Social Media

Emily Larina and Sasha Larin made many 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 viewers nervous about their future at first. To many fans, Sasha’s past (two divorces and two sons by two different women in Russia) was questionable. Emily had Sasha’s third child, baby David, and the pair now lives in the U.S. together with their son.

As the season continued, viewers also questioned whether Sasha’s commitment to his career as a personal trainer and aspiring fitness model would bleed over too much into his personal life. Sasha’s comments about Emily’s extra post-baby weight and his many hours at the gym caused some fans to take pause. 

90 Day Fiancé fans were most shocked, however, by Sasha’s clashes with Emily’s younger sister Betsy McCue about nutrition and food. In a scene that quickly became notorious, Sasha even tossed out Betsy’s junk food and snacks while he and his family were staying at Betsy’s home in Indiana. 

Recently, Emily and Betsy seemed to poke fun at one another on social media about the “food-shaming” incident. Both got a couple of jabs in about their appearance on the show and Betsy’s confrontation with Sasha. 

Betsy McCue
Betsy McCue | Betsy McCue via Instagram

Sasha and Betsy clashed on ‘90 Day Fiancé’

After Sasha and Emily arrived in the U.S., they temporarily moved in with Betsy, who lives in South Bend, Indiana. 

From the first day, Sasha’s insistence on heading to the gym and his push for healthier food seemed to annoy Betsy. Betsy also admitted she didn’t trust Sasha to treat her sister well because of his complicated relationship history. 

At one point, with tensions running high, Sasha expressed his frustration about some of the sugary food and potato chips in Betsy’s kitchen. The 90 Day Fiancé star declared, “I cannot do anything I want. I feel like I’m in prison,” while he began to throw away unopened bags of food he considered unhealthy.

Betsy yelled, “Emily can eat what she wants. She’s feeding your baby!”

“This food is trash. This should be in the trash!” Sasha yelled back.

“You deserve the trash,” Betsy clapped back, adding to her sister, “You can’t be throwing out food when you don’t have a job.”

Emily stayed out of the fight, but later announced that she and Sasha would be leaving Betsy’s house so things didn’t get “awkward.” 

Emily poked fun at her sister on Instagram 

In early Jan. 2020, Emily took to her Instagram stories to poke fun at her sister for the whole ordeal. 

She screenshotted a tweet from the 90 Day Fiancé parody account @90Dayfiance_etc on Twitter, which captioned a picture of Betsy from the infamous episode: “I need to speak to the manager PLEASE. This piece of recycled barn door with the words ‘live, laugh, love’ in a script font is supposed to be ON SALE. Thaannnnnnks (Emily’s sister at Marshall’s on Boxing Day).” 

Emily added her own caption: “Sorry @betsycue I laughed.”

The joking seemed to be at least mostly in fun, though, as many of Betsy’s recent photos are of herself with Sasha and Emily’s one-year-old son, David. So it’s clear that he still spends time with his in-laws. 

Betsy clapped back by mocking Sasha herself

But Betsy wasn’t about to take her sister’s joking, even if well-meaning, lying down. 

In her own Instagram stories, Betsy screenshotted Emily’s jab at her and “hmmm…” with a thinking emoji. 

Next, she pushed back against the joke with one of her own. “Shading retail workers,” she wrote next to the “ew, no” portion of the classic “Kombucha Girl” TikTok. “Shading Sasha,” meanwhile, got Kombucha Girl’s (and Betsy’s) nod of approval. 

In a fan Q&A, the 90 Day Fiancé guest star also joked about the infamous incident with Sasha. 

“Will there be a 90 [Day] spinoff sitcom of your life?” the fan asked. “Maybe [Sasha] and I should do a cooking show,” she joked in response.

Even in a recent mini-bio she added on Instagram, Betsy seemed to shade Sasha a bit. Betsy revealed she’s a 26-year-old epidemiologist, emergency planner, and public health advocate. She also has a boyfriend named Chris who chose not to appear on the show.

Betsy declared her “three platforms” to be: “Vaccinate your kids, get tested for STD/STIs, and discover health promoting behaviors that don’t include restrictive dieting,” with the last item seeming to be aimed at least a bit at her food-obsessed brother-in-law.

Although they might not agree about Sasha, Betsy and Emily seem to agree about a few things, as Betsy’s Instagram is full of cute captions about little David. Emily, like Betsy, also promotes public health issues like the importance of vaccination.