’90 Day Fiance’: Emily’s Sister Posts Instagram Response to Fat-Shamers After Sasha’s Criticism

If anybody has been rooting for 90 Day Fiance couple Emily and Sasha, who appear on the show’s seventh season, this may have changed recently.

While some couples on the show seem to love each other no matter what, other couples seem to be doomed.

Emily and Sasha’s relationship is showing cracks. Could Sasha’s body shaming be the reason why he faces his third divorce?

’90 Day Fiance’: The history of Emily and Sasha

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Matt Sharp, Molly Hopkins, Paola Mayfield, Russ Mayfield of the television show ’90 Day Fiance’ Franchise’ | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Emily, originally from Portland, moved to Russia to teach English. It was there that she met Sasha, a personal trainer at her gym. They became fast friends, and their relationship eventually blossomed into romance. While dating, Emily became pregnant with Sasha’s child. The two decided they would move their family to the United States to marry.

The catch? Sasha had one child with each of his two ex-wives.

In the seventh episode of the latest season, Emily and Sasha arrived in Illinois with their new baby. They stayed with Emily’s sister, Betsy, while they planned their next steps.

Betsy welcomed them into her home with open arms. She even gave them her room to sleep in during their stay.

Emily’s sister Betsy was fat-shamed

Unfortunately, Betsy’s generosity was met with comments about her weight. She offered Sasha a bowl of frosted cereal for breakfast. Immediately, Sasha jumped in with criticism about her food choices.

Not only did he tell her that the cereal was unhealthy, but he also implied that she should not have even offered it to him.

Sasha referred to Betsy’s bowl of cereal as “crappy food.” He told Emily “it’s time” she started going to the gym again as well. He then turned to Emily and Betsy’s mother and asked if she eats cereal.

When she answered that she does not, he looked her up and down and said, “Good, I can see.”

Many viewers took Sasha’s remarks to mean that he was shaming Betsy’s body. People flocked to websites like Reddit and Instagram to support Betsy in the wake of Sasha’s comments.

On the other hand, some viewers used social media to shame Betsy further. Some even called her the “fat” and “jealous” sister.

Betsy responded to her haters

After the episode aired, Betsy posted on Instagram and shared her journey with her weight.

In her photo, Betsy stands in Times Square, smiling in leggings and a jacket. Her caption begins: “I’ve gained weight, and that’s ok.”

Betsy went on to say that she was naturally skinny for the first 18 years of her life. In college, she began to gain weight. She admitted to trying a variety of diets and exercises over the last seven years, but she also said her motivation was “always wrong” and her efforts were “unsustainable.”

Betsy said she is trying to be gentle with herself and listen to her body. Her caption discussed that her ultimate aim is to feel good, not to lose weight. It also said that her weight does not determine her value as a person.

Betsy’s new support system

Comments on Betsy’s Instagram post were largely supportive. Many commenters told Betsy she was beautiful and supported her journey to feeling healthier and happier in her own skin. Many women rushed to tell Betsy that she was not alone in her journey to self-love.

In response to a comment on Betsy’s post, she implied that the theme of body shaming will continue throughout Emily and Sasha’s storyline in the coming episodes of 90 Day Fiance.

Will people continue to see through their relationship? Will Emily and Sasha wed? Only time will tell.