’90 Day Fiancé’: Eric Nichols Wonders If Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s Plastic Surgery Is ‘Worth the Risk’

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Larissa Dos Santos Lima is one step closer to having her plastic surgery goals realized. She was able to convince her boyfriend, Eric Nichols, to fund the venture, but it comes with a catch. Eric wants Larissa to pay him back with interest for her breast implants and nose job.

This week, they go and see a plastic surgeon that one of Larissa’s friends, Heather, recommends. Larissa says she wants “very fake” breasts, and it looks like she’s well on her way to getting what she wants. However, Eric is wondering if it’s all “worth the risk.”

Larissa Dos Santos Lima tells the plastic surgeon that she wants ‘very fake’ breasts

Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Larissa, Eric, and Heather head off to see Dr. Lane Smith about the work Larissa wants done. When she shows the doctor a picture of what she’s looking for, he says they look “super fake.”

“When I look at the blowup dolls, like big boobs, small waist, big lips, I started to feel, it’s so pretty,” Larissa tells producers.

When Larissa is asked how she wants her breasts to look, she says, “I want very fake.” The doctor also takes a look at Larissa’s nose, since she wants that done as well.

Eric wonders if Larissa’s plastic surgery is ‘worth the risk’

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After trying on some different sizes for her implants, Larissa settles on the 700 CCs. The doctor goes over the risks involved, as well as important measures for aftercare. Larissa’s chest will need to be massaged to prevent the implants from positioning in the wrong place. There’s also a possibility of too much scar tissue forming, as well as bleeding after surgery.

Eric seems concerned about what he’s hearing. He wonders if it’s all “worth the risk.” Eric likes the way Larissa is now, and these operations come with possible risks involved.

“After hearing some of the risks involved in the surgery, I am now a little bit more concerned,” Eric explains. “Not only am I going to be the one taking care of Larissa after she recovers, but these surgeries sound a little bit more risky than I had thought. I love the way Larissa looks as she is right now, and I’m just starting to begin to wonder if this is worth the risk or not.”

Larissa plans to have more plastic surgery

Next, Larissa and Eric head off to a lingerie store to find some new attire. Larissa has a fitting to know exactly what size to look for. She says she wants to find something “attractive.” She finds a few things, and chats with Eric about “the love flame” in the beginning, and how it “went down.”

Eric asks why that happened, and Larissa says, “Maybe because I have this problem with my boobs. I feel a little bit unattractive with my boobs, so we start to have less sex. But I really hope that now with my new boobs we can have more sex. Because I’ll feel more confident.”

Eric asks Larissa if she has anything else she wants to do to herself after the breast implants and nose job, and she certainly does. She plans to get liposuction in a few places, and she also wants to transfer the fat from the liposuction to her butt. She motions to a nearby mannequin and says when she looks like her, then she’ll stop.

It sounds like Larissa is one step closer to having her breast implants and nose job. We’ll see how it all plays out.