’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans are Upset That The Show Left a Crucial Segment Out of Babygirl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar’s Story

We may have seen the end of Babygirl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar’s relationship on 90 Day Fiancé’: Before the 90 Days. The show followed the two as Hamme visited Umar in Nigeria in order to get married. Viewers got to see more than enough arguments between the two to justify a breakup. But now that the relationship and season are over, fans are upset that one crucial part of the story was left out.

Lisa Hamme
Lisa Hamme from ’90 Day Fiancé’ | via Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

What did TLC leave out of the story?

This year was the first time that TLC had to do the tell-all reunion virtually. Somehow, the virtual reunion was leaked well before it aired on tv. But the leaked version showed more than the final edit.

Hamme and Umar’s segment of the aired tell-all was short and left out a major portion of what was taped. There was one point in the aired version where Umar was clearly trying to tell the audience and cast members something that Hamme didn’t want them to know.

“If you start this sh*t again,” Hamme said. “Do not open that can of worms. Do not. Do not start. Let me tell you something. Listen, if you open a can of worms.”

If you watched the tell-all on tv, then the argument stopped there. But in the leaked version, Umar revealed something horrible.

“Lisa, last week you called me n*gger which I know is totally inappropriate in America,” he said. “You called me n*gger, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving.”

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Lisa Hamme admits to using the word

An accusation like that is a pretty serious matter. Hamme admitted to using the word and apologized.

“It is said if you sin and you apologize and you pray for forgiveness, it is forgiven,” she said on Instagram Live. “So, my husband and I, it is a private matter between him and I. Because they are not going to drop it and it’s sad. Because the world needs to be united. We are human beings.”

She went on and basically told fans that there were other things to worry about than her using derogatory language.

“It just bothers me that there are so many hateful people in the world,” she said. “We have people dying every day. I made the mistake of saying the N-word. I apologized several times. But you still want to come at me. This is something between my husband and I but I’m here to take your abuse.”

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Fan reactions

Because the tell-all leaked so long ago, most people already knew about the situation between Hamme and Umar. So, when TLC didn’t show the argument, viewers were not too happy.

“PSA: Usman revealed that Lisa calls him the N-word in the tell-all leak,” one person tweeted. “However, TLC cut it out today. Lisa is f*cking trash. #90DayFiance.”

“TLC cut this scene out: this is raw footage – Usman says Lisa calls him the n-word,” one person wrote. “[She] tries to silence him with threats and worries about social media backlash. Lisa calls Shaun ‘that bitch.'”

Others wanted answers.

“TLC really needs to explain why they felt the need to protect a racist,” one viewer said. “We know Lisa called him a n*gger and they shouldn’t hide it.”