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On the July 9th episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Brandon Gibbs’ parents, Ron and Betty Gibbs call their daughter-in-law, Julia Trubkina, a manipulator after moving their son away from the family farm. However, it seems that fans aren’t buying it and are convinced that it’s actually Ron and Betty who are doing the manipulating in this situation.

Betty Gibbs crying on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
Betty Gibbs 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? | TLC

Julia and Brandon sign a lease on a new apartment without Ron and Betty knowing

After a year of living on Brandon’s parent’s farm to save money, the 90 Day Fiancé newlyweds decide to move out and gain their independence finally. Bradon and Julia finally agree on an apartment in Richmond, Virginia, and sign a lease agreement. While Ron and Betty knew that the couple was moving out, they were still looking about hiring people to help on the farm to replace Brandon and Julia.

The young couple decides it’s time to show Ron and Betty the apartment they plan to move into in the newest episode. After Bettys many passive-aggressive remarks about how small the apartment is compared to their “10 acres” on the farm, Brandon revealed that they’ve already pulled the trigger on the apartment and will be moving in “about two weeks.” This obviously comes as a shock for Ron and Betty, who does not take the news lightly. Ron and Betty admitted that they didn’t take their apartment hunting seriously and that they just assumed they wouldn’t be prepared enough financially to sign a lease and move out.

Ron and Betty are convinced that Julia is manipulating Brandon

Brandon’s dad, Ron, was the first to blame Julia for his son not telling him about the apartment earlier. He said, “The fact that he did not tell us prior just once again tells me that he’s being manipulated by Julia on this one.” He says that because Julia was so unhappy on the farm, Brandon is willing to do anything to keep her appeased. Betty tells 90 Day Fiancé cameras, “I always say, I want to gain a daughter, not lose a son. Whether or not I lose him, I guess, you know, the proof’s in the pudding.”

Ron and Betty tell Brandon and Julia that “it’s OK” that they are moving off the farm so quickly but proceed to guilt-trip them about how they’re going to be left alone to do all of the farm work now. Because of that, Brandon admits that he does feel guilty about not telling his parents about his move. He reveals that he does feel “stuck in the middle” between making his parents happy and making his new wife happy.

’90 Day Fiancé’ fans think Brandon’s parents are the ones manipulating the situation, not Julia

90 Day Fiancé fans went to Reddit to talk about how hypocritical Brandon’s parents are for calling Julia a manipulator, while they’re clearly still trying to control Brandon. One Reddit user, @Critical_Knowledge47, wrote, “Ron lies with his screaming; Betty lies with her tears. Both are manipulating through these tactics.”


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Another user, @Thorhees, wrote, “They get more and more awful every time I see them. They’re upset that Brandon didn’t give them more notice about moving out but literally every time he broaches the subject, they yell at him or guilt and manipulate him, and it’s been this way since their original season, so it’s been almost a year of them knowing that’s what he and Julia want (yet they insist it’s only what Julia wants). It’s disgusting. And Betty tearing down the apartment as they tour it is so transparent.”

While it’s obvious to 90 Day Fiancé fans that Brandon’s parents are trying to control him still, fans still believe that Brandon is using Julia as a scapegoat so that he doesn’t have to take responsibility for going against his parents’ wishes and setting boundaries. Regardless, Julia is not only giving Brandon the confidence he needs to be an independent 28-year-old man, but she’s also strong enough to stand up to Ron and Betty too.