’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans Call Maria a Gold Digger After Her Chat With Friends — ‘Go and Make More Money’

90 Day Fiancé stars Caesar Mack and Maria do not seem to be on the same page. TLC recently filmed an interview with Maria, as well as a chat between Maria and her friends after a trip to Dubai. And, based on what Maria and her friends have to say, Mack just isn’t doing enough for the Ukrainian woman. 

Meanwhile, Mack has been sending Maria money again after getting back together with her. Unfortunately, it turns out that Maria has a bridal profile online, and that Caesar Mack isn’t even her type to begin with. 

Maria’s online bride profile 

SoapDirt recently reported that a 90 Day Fiancé fan discovered a Ukrainian bride profile for Mack’s alleged girlfriend, Maria, online. The website hosting the profile is named Ukraine Brides, which seems pretty self-explanatory. We’ve all heard of mail-order Russian brides, and it does seem as if this is a similar situation. 

Maria’s profile reads, “I adore traveling, meeting new people, cooking, and camping, this is not the whole list, but I am ready to open my heart to the right man. I think it is very important to share hobbies with your beloved.” 

While it remains unclear whether or not Maria made this profile following a breakup with Mack, or if she had the profile running behind his back, the fact remains that it exists. 

Meanwhile, following their breakup in Mexico, Mack and Maria are back together on 90 Day Fiancé. However, it seems as if Mack is sending his Ukrainian love money once again. A producer spotted a message on Mack’s phone from Maria in which she asked Mack for money to help pay her bills. 

When the producer asked Mack if he’s sending her money again, Mack replied, “ “About like, two thousand, two or three thousand. You know, it’s just that I love her so much, so I just decided to keep trying to help her out. I really don’t think that she’s using me. She’s just… I think that she just needs a little help. Just hoping everything will work this time.”

Maria says Caesar Mack isn’t her type 

Unfortunately for Caesar Mack, it turns out he doesn’t fit Maria’s preferred type of man. The 90 Day Fiancé star sat down with TLC producers for a brief introduction. She was also filmed out with her friends for a chat. 

During the introductory segment, Maria said, “I joined Anastasia date like, maybe eight years ago. A lot of girls know about this site in Ukraine. Because a lot of guys around the world want to date Ukrainian girls. They are beautiful and crazy.”

“Caesar texted me, and we started to communicate. When I saw his profile, he seemed pretty nice. I like the way he talks to me,” explained Maria. She added, “My type is usually tall guys with blonde hair and blue eyes, stuff like that.” 

When the producer asked Maria if she was attracted to Mack when they started talking, Maria said she was not. 

Maria says she needs more from Mack 

That’s not all the Ukrainian beauty had to reveal about her relationship with Mack. During her chat with friends, it seemed somewhat obvious that Maria was aiming to squeeze money out of Mack. 

“It’s very rare you can meet a really good guy here, so we’re dating foreigners, and it’s normal because our standards are higher than what we can have here,” explained one of Maria’s friends to the camera. 

The same friend asked Maria about why she didn’t go to Mexico. Maria explained, “He was send me the plane ticket, and in a few days before my flight I check online and it was canceled. I discovered he have not enough money to buy this plane ticket for me. He started to be rude to me, like it’s my fault. So I decided to break up with him.”

“He doesn’t deserve your forgiveness,” said her friend. “Caesar sent you some money, I know, but he didn’t send you like, a huge amount of money.”

“No,” said Maria. “The man who does nails can send me this kind of amount?” It seems as if Maria is saying that Mack doesn’t send her enough money.

A producer then asked Maria if she was receiving money from other men online. Maria said no. the producer then asked how much Caesar has sent Maria, to which Maria replied, “I don’t know. I’m not an accountant.”

Maria then went on to say that she’s just friends with Mack. That might come as a surprise to Mack, who seems to think they’re dating. 

“So it’s like, for Caesar, if he wants to have a girl like me, he should understand that he needs to work and do something. Go and make more money,” said Maria. 

Fans were not amused. “I guess people overseas think Americans are just filled with money,” wrote one YouTube commenter. 

Another added, “Wow this sounds like a gold diggers meeting.”