’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Call Out Steven’s Tactical Gifts

90 Day Fiancé couple Steven and Alina are making waves amongst fans, who feel frustrated about the direction their relationship is going in. Steven has lied to Alina about his sexual history, and admitted to not being faithful at the start of their relationship. Despite all of her misgivings about Steven and the red flags he seems to be proudly waving, Alina has stuck by her 90 Day Fiancé partner following his efforts to mollify her. Now, Steven is admitting that he brought Alina a bevy of gifts to use at tactical moments. 

Steven lied to Alina, cheated on her

90 Day Fiancé star Alina decided to do her best to involve herself in Steven’s Mormon faith. That meant remaining chaste alongside Steven, who had told Alina that he was a virgin. Alina, also a virgin, took this vow seriously. 

Later, Steven revealed to Alina that he’d lied, and that he’d had sex multiple times in the past. What’s more, he revealed that he’d been “intimate” with a woman after he and Alina started dating, when they were long distance. He claimed he didn’t know they were exclusive. 

Interestingly, Alina told producers that Steven had previously asked if he could date other women, and that she’d told him no. 

“When Steven asked me if he could date other girls, I just burst into tears because he’s in relationship with me and he have to pay attention only on me,” she said.

Additionally, Alina set up a trap for Steven in which her friend, Masha, private messaged him to see if he’d get flirty. He replied to Masha several times, even asking if she had a bathing suit to go swimming with him in Turkey. He didn’t tell Alina about any of their communication until she revealed that she’d caught him in a sting. 

‘90 Day Fiancé’ star reveals he has strategic gifts, fans unimpressed

Alina posing with Steven on '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Season 3
Alina and Steven on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ | TLC

Despite all of these red flags, Alina continues to entertain the idea of staying with Steven, giving him chance after chance to redeem himself. Steven himself admits that he brought gifts to give to Alina at “impactful times.” 

This could mean when a beautiful moment strikes, but so far fans feel that Steven is using gifts as a form of lovebombing to distract Alina from his various bad behaviors. 

“I feel like the way Steven does his gifts to Alina is to counteract his cheating and lies. Every 1 girl cheated with requires 1 gift to make Alina happy again. He believes that as long as the net sum remains at 0 he can keep doing it,” posted one Redditor

“Did he really say he brought gifts to strategically give to Alina in times when they are fighting? I guess he came prepared in case his other manipulation tactics failed. Gross,” wrote another user

“Everything he says and does feels slimy. He makes me shudder. So many manipulative tactics wrapped in fake ‘good guy’ actions,” opined another Redditor

Steven proposed to Alina

Despite all of the lying and drama, Steven decided to propose to Alina. It’s an interesting choice given that mere episodes ago Steven had mentioned that he’s not sure if he’s ready to be married to his 90 Day Fiancé partner.

“Earlier today, I prepared an elaborate, super romantic proposal and now it’s actually happening. We’re going to sail to this waterfall, I’m going to play my song, and it’s going to be the biggest moment of my life. I’m going to propose to the love of my life,” Steven told cameras.

Steven played his song to Alina, who accepted his proposal.