’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Can’t Believe Big Ed’s Sense of Cockiness

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days weren’t sure from the start about Big Ed and his potential love, Rose Vega. But as time went by, viewers were able to stop wondering; Ed was clearly treating Rose badly.

Now it looks as though this love match wasn’t meant to be, but the post-mortem on their relationship by the public has only just begun. 

Looking back over the season it’s easy to see the ways they don’t seem to be compatible. That may not be much of a surprise, given their cultural and age differences, but what fans can’t get over is just how much Ed assumed he deserved in the relationship. 

They had a promising start — sort of

Matt Sharp, Molly Hopkins, Paola Mayfield, Russ Mayfield
Matt Sharp, Molly Hopkins, Paola Mayfield, Russ Mayfield of the television show “90 Day Fiance’ Franchise” | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

According to US Magazine, during the couple’s first conversation when they met online, the fact surfaced that there was a 31-year age difference between them. In fact, he is one year older than her dad. Although Ed assumed at first  that this was reason enough to preclude the possibility of romance, Rose insisted that it didn’t matter, saying that “age is just a number.”

This was all the encouragement Ed needed to book a flight her home in the Philippines to see her, despite the fact that he didn’t actually have the time off work he needed to go.

Even worse, his daughter (who is six years older than Rose) disapproved so strongly that she stopped speaking to Ed.  Those minor details aside, Ed was thrilled at the prospect of getting to know Rose better, and he dove right into the relationship. 

His expectations of her were pretty high

Right away it became clear that Ed expected Rose to live up to his standards for her, even if he hurt her feelings. He didn’t feel much remorse that he’d lied his height, saying he was 5’2″ when he was actually 4’11”, but he did tell Rose that she should shave her legs because that’s what he preferred.

He wanted her to get tested for STDs, but he didn’t see why he should. And then he gave her the “gift” of a toothbrush and mouthwash, letting her know in front of a huge television audience that he thought she had bad breath. 

They might have overcome all of these issues, but then Ed revealed that he wasn’t interested in having any more kids. This was a deal-breaker for her. She’d been clear about the fact that she wanted two more children, and he had led her to believe that he was open to that. She told him it was over and left.

Since then, he’s felt comfortable trolling her online, so it’s safe to assume that their relationship is really finished. 

Viewers are not impressed with him


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Although Ed is pretty sure he’s the victim in this situation, fans of the show see it differently. Many viewers felt that Ed thought he could get what he wanted from Rose because of her financial need.

As one person posted on Twitter: “Ed is angry because he figured Rose’s desire to escape poverty, outweighed her desire to be treated with respect.”

People agreed that he was trying to exploit Rose, saying “I’m really sick of these older men who travel to impoverished areas, flashing their money, to prey on young girls for sex objects,” and “You nailed it. He thought he had the upper hand.”

It doesn’t seem as though Ed has that much to offer Rose or any woman, considering his history of bankruptcy and serious allegations of abuse, according to The Blast.

Nonetheless, he claims that he’s received more than 30 marriage proposals from women who apparently see something most viewers don’t. Whether or not any of those offers turn into something real, people seem relieved that Rose chose her self-respect over an opportunity to live a more prosperous life.