’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans Discover Proof That Nicole Nafziger Has Been Impersonating Her Boyfriend Azan Tefou on Instagram

Fans have been skeptical of Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou’s relationship since they first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé. Now that they are no longer on the show, fans often wonder whether they are still together or not. Nafziger often posts clickbait about their relationship and Tefou normally doesn’t post anything about their relationship at all. So, when he posted an overly sentimental post about him and Nafziger, fans got suspicious.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger’s relationship

Throughout the seasons of 90 Day Fiancé, there have been several couples who have perplexed fans, whether that be because of an age difference or extreme lack of chemistry. Nafziger and Tefou fell into that latter category. Tefou seemed to want nothing to do with Nafziger when she came to visit him in Morocco. He tried to push her to lose weight and workout and admitted that he was not fully attracted to her.

More skepticism for the couple came when they decided to postpone their wedding in order to open a store in Morocco. Though Nafziger gave Tefou thousands of dollars to go toward the opening of the store, the business never came to fruition, which caused those close to Nafziger to worry.

“I am surprised the purchasing of the store takes precedence over the wedding,” Nicole’s mom Robbalee said at the time. “That looks suspicious. Maybe this whole store thing is Azan’s get-rich-quick scheme.”

Eventually, Nafziger’s mom came around to accepting the relationship.

“I am always concerned that someone will try and take advantage of one of my children, but I have also said that he seems like a really nice person,” Robbalee wrote to a fan in an Instagram comment. “The world is full of loafers, all over the world, the only difference is he is a none [sic] working boyfriend in another country. We have them here too. I would rather have her here, but she is in charge of her own life and has to make her own decisions. I can only guide her to a better one. The rest is up to her. I love her no matter what. Thank you for your concern!”

Azan and Nicole’s Instagrams

Nafziger and Tefou have very different social media presences. Nafziger has gotten into trouble in the past for posting a lot of clickbait. She has stooped as low as posting an image that made it seem like Tefou had died. In between her clickbait posts, Nafziger also commonly posts pictures of her and Tefou. If you look at Tefou’s Instagram, it is almost completely filled with pictures and videos of his body and him working out.

Earlier this week, he posted a photo of himself and Nafziger, with the caption, “I love you soooo much babe and I miss you. And I’m so jealous of people who get to see you every day.”

Fans find proof that Nicole is the one posting for Azan

When the selfie of Tefou and Nafziger came up on Tefou’s page, fans immediately started commenting and calling Nafziger out for posing as Tefou and posting on his page.


‘90 Day Fiancé’: Are Nicole Nafziger and Azan Coming Back to the Show?

According to Screen Rant, after some sleuthing, one fan account discovered that Tefou’s Instagram account is based out of the United States. Tefou has said on the show that he has never been to America, so it’s highly unlikely that he was the one who started his Instagram account in 2016. It is unknown whether he and Nafziger share the account or not, but the location of the account makes it seem like she probably at least has access to it.