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90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima has always been upfront about her plans when it comes to plastic surgery. The TLC reality star has made no bones about her intention to keep changing her appearance until she achieves a personal standard. What’s more, she’s admitted to what she calls an “addiction” when it comes to getting procedures done. Now, fans are starting to worry that things might be getting out of hand for Lima. 

Eric Nichols agrees to pay for ‘90 Day Fiancé’ partner’s surgery

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In a move that shocked many 90 Day Fiancé fans, Eric Nichols caved and agreed to loan Larissa Dos Santos Lima approximately $30,000 for plastic surgery. The two discussed Lima’s plans during a recent episode.

“So after these surgeries, is that all that you’re gonna want, or are you gonna want to do anything else to yourself?” asked Nichols.

“Yes I gotta do liposuction, cause I can’t lose the fat here. And I’m gonna do liposuction in my thighs, and my belly, and put it in my boobs.” Lima replied, pointing to various parts of her body.

“So your breasts, so you feel like your best. And your nose. And lipo. … So it never ends, head to toe.” Nichols seemed shocked.

“When I look like her I will stop the surgery. I want to have this belly, and this leg,” said Lima while motioning to a mannequin. 

“Larissa has told me, hey, this is the last time I’m doing this or the last time I’m doing that. And she’s always just continued to surprise me with hey, this is what I want next. And I don’t know if it’s ever gonna stop or not. If it makes her feel happy or confident about herself, that’s cool,” Nichols told producers, seemingly in disbelief.

Lima then suggested that once she gets her breast augmentation, she things her life will change. “So I feel very happy that I’m gonna wake up, and everything’s gonna change,” she told 90 Day Fiancé producers.  

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has called it an addiction

Larissa Dos Santos Lima of 90 Day Fiancé
Larissa Dos Santos Lima of 90 Day Fiancé | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has previously referred to her interests in plastic surgery as an addiction. During a chat with Us Weekly, the 90 Day Fiancé star explained the work she’s had done and what she aims to do in the future. 

“I admit it — I am addicted to cosmetic procedures. My dream is to have big breast implants, which would be my first actual cosmetic surgery,” Lima told the publication. 

“As well as having my lips done, I have had injections to define my jawline, a non-surgical nose job and fillers injected into my butt to plump it up from Heather Rohrer of Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Human Performance,” she explained.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans are worried

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans have expressed concern of Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s ongoing interest in plastic surgery. 

One Redditor wondered what’s happening with her kids, especially given how much she spends on cosmetic procedures. 

“I can’t help but think of all the money being spent on superficial changes when she has kids back in Brazil. It’s shameful,” they wrote

“Also Larissa doesn’t need a plastic surgeon. She needs a therapist for what is a very obvious case of body dysmorphic disorder,” opined another user. 

One Instagram user commented on a 90 Day Fiancé Instagram clip of Nichols discussing Lima’s plans.

“[O]k all the bs aside..I feel bad, no woman should ever feel like she needs to change everything about herself. She’s beautiful the way she is, it’s so sad she doesn’t see it,” they wrote in part.

“No amount of surgery will repair your issues with your feelings about who you are as a person. Your man thinks you’re beautiful the way you are. A mannequin is not a person Larissa,” pointed out another commenter.